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10.09 US Realm Steering Committee (USR-SC)
The Board of Directors, supporting the vision of providing the best and most widely implemented
international healthcare standards while still accommodating the specific requirements of the US
Realm (USR), has created the US Realm Steering Committee (USR-SC). The USR-SC shall
collaborate with the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to oversee and coordinate the technical
efforts of the Working Group to ensure focus on the overall HL7 International mission while still
addressing US Realm requirements. The USR-SC maintains a web page with cross reference to the
US Realm Task Force (USR-TF).

10.09.01 Purpose
The USR-SC shall review and provide oversight to USR projects during the approval process;
allowing the USR-SC to identify gaps and/or overlaps with other Working Group projects and USR
requirements. The USR-SC shall be responsible for establishing appropriate governance,
management and methodologies for USR standards development based on existing best practices of
the TSC.

10.09.02 Scope
The USR-SC shall be responsible for overseeing the execution of USR standards development within
HL7 International while assuring that such efforts are aligned with the overall product and services
strategy set forth by the Board of Directors. The USR-SC shall restrict its activities to oversight of
USR projects brought forward for development by the various Work Groups (WG); relying on the TSC
to ensure that the various WG collaborate in an efficient and consistent manner to meet HL7
International objectives. Should the USR-SC see a need for more direct interaction with the various
WG, it shall work through the TSC to achieve such oversight. In all cases, the USR-SC shall
coordinate its communications through the TSC, the primary source for status and guidelines
regarding HL7 standards and standards development.

10.09.03 Formal Relationships
The USR-SC may recommend representation on other HL7 committees, such as the International
Council, but such recommendations are subject to review and approval of the Board of Directors.
Members of the USR-SC may also act as liaisons to Board-appointed committees at the discretion of
the Board of Directors.

Formal relationships between the USR-SC and any organizations outside of HL7 International shall
be governed by Statements of Understanding (SOU) or other agreements between HL7 International
and such organizations as established by the Executive Committee.

10.09.04 Composition
The USR-SC shall be composed of the following voting members:
• A Chair appointed by the Board of Directors
• A Vice Chair selected by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee
• The TSC Chair
• The Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
• Four individuals, each representing one of the four TSC Steering Divisions
• One individual, typically one of the co-chairs, representing the Architecture Review Board (ARB)
• Three at large members, at least one of whom shall represent the Affiliates
• Up to four ad-hoc members representing external stakeholder organizations

The TSC Steering Division representatives shall be selected by the USR-SC Chair from a list of
recommended candidates submitted by their respective Steering Divisions and approved by the TSC.

The at large members may self-nominate, be nominated by a current HL7 member, or solicited by the
USR-SC Chair, Vice Chair or CTO. The USR-SC Chair shall select members from among the list of
nominees for approval by the TSC.

Ad-hoc members shall be chosen by the USR-SC Chair and approved by the TSC.

10.09.05 Term of Membership
Other than the USR-SC Chair and Vice Chair, members of the USR-SC shall serve a two-year term
from their date of appointment, with initial terms staggered such that approximately half of member
terms expire in any given year. Other than the USC –SC Chair and Vice Chair, members shall be
eligible for reappointment at the discretion of the TSC. The USC-SC Chair may be reappointed at the
discretion of the Board of Directors. The USR-SC Vice Chair may be replaced or reappointed by the
Chair with the approval of the EC.

10.09.06 Inactive Members
Any USR-SC member who is declared inactive by the USR-SC Chair may be removed from the USRSC by vote of the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final.

10.09.07 Reporting
While functioning as a component of the TSC, the USR-SC is a duly constituted Board of Directors
committee. As such, the USR-SC shall submit reports to the Board quarterly or as otherwise
requested by the Board.

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