The HL7 US Realm  Steering Committee’s (USR-SC) mission is to provide the US Realm technical direction to the HL7 International organization to achieve the vision of creating the best and most widely used standards in US healthcare. In conjunction with the HL7 International TSC, the USR-SC oversees and coordinates the US Realm technical efforts contributed by the HL7 participants to ensure that the efforts of the HL7 International Working Group are focused on the overall HL7 mission while still addressing US Realm needs.

The USR-SC reviews and provides oversight to US Realm projects during the approval process. This allows the USR-SC to identify gaps and overlaps between projects of the Working Group and the US Realm requirements. The USR-SC is also responsible for establishing appropriate governance, management and methodology structures necessary for the US Realm focused standards development. The USR-SC should follow an approach similar to how the International TSC is establishing and overseeing governance, management and methodology for HL7 International.


The HL7 US Realm Steering Committee  is responsible for overseeing the execution of US Realm standards development within HL7 International by assuring that the efforts of the Working Group are in line with the product and services strategy set forth by the Board. Since there will be considerable overlap between the responsibilities of the USR-SC the HL7 International Technical Steering Committee (TSC), the two groups will need to coordinate closely.

The HL7 International TSC oversees the technical operations of the Working Group and assures that the Working Group works smoothly together and covers the work scope in a consistent manner. The USR-SC will restrict its activities to oversight of US Realm related projects brought forward to HL7 International for development by HL7 International work groups. The USR-SC does not have direct authority over the Working Group, rather it will work through the HL7 International TSC should such oversight become necessary.

The HL7 International TSC serves as the primary communication vehicle for the technical operations of HL7 International and serves as the technical authority of HL7 International, communicating status and guidelines regarding standards and operations.  The USR-SC will closely coordinate its communications with the HL7 International TSC.


The USR-SC shall be composed of the following voting members:

  • A Chair appointed by the Board of Directors
  • A Vice Chair selected by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee
  • The TSC Chair
  • The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) The Chief Standards Development Officer (CSDO)
  • Seven at large members, at least one of whom shall represent the Affiliates
  • Up to four ad-hoc members representing external stakeholder organizations

The at large members may self-nominate, be nominated by a current HL7 member, or solicited by the USR-SC Chair, Vice Chair or CTO. The USR-SC Chair shall select members from among the list of nominees for approval by the TSC.

Ad-hoc members shall be chosen by the USR-SC Chair and approved by the TSC.


Other than the USR-SC Chair and Vice Chair, members of the USR-SC shall serve a two-year term from their date of appointment, with initial terms staggered such that approximately half of member terms expire in any given year.

Other than the USR –SC Chair and Vice Chair, members shall be eligible for reappointment at the discretion of the TSC.

The USR-SC Chair may be reappointed at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The USR-SC Vice Chair may be replaced or reappointed by the Chair with the approval of the EC.

The USR-SC is a committee of the HL7 International Board.  Reports are made to the HL7 International quarterly or as requested by the Board. The USR-SC functions as a component of the HL7 International TSC.


The USR-SC will:

  • Work with the HL7 International TSC, insure US Realm activities are coordinated and consisted across the organization
  • Ensure work groups receive timely feedback and guidance on US Realm projects.
  • Work closely with the HL7 International TSC to promote work group development activities that are aligned with the broader goals of HL7 International and its constituent communities
  • Ensure US Realm activities are carried out in a coordinated manner with quick resolution of any issues that arise
  • Ensure Work Groups understand what is expected of them and have breadth of domain knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to perform their US Realm work
  • Ensure US Realm motivating and influencing groups (external and internal) are clearly identified and driving forces are understood and appropriately addressed
  • Ensure US Realm Activities are promoted into the universal realm as appropriate and possible


The USR-SC will regularly assess and update US Realm related standards and monitor the following potential risks:

  • US Realm activities conflict with HL7 International activities
  • US Realm work products are not incorporated into HL7 International activities
  • Work Group solutions do not coordinate US Realm development activities as they should
  • Tools do not meet the requirements of US Realm development
  • HL7 International Ballot processes and time line requirements do not meet the needs and requirements of US Realm
  • Influencing US Realm stakeholders have difficulty in engaging with the organization
  • Work Groups fail to balance the work of the US Realm and HL7 International activities

Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

The USR-SC operates in accordance with the HL7 International organizational ideals so as to:

  • Respect the contributions and ideas of the individuals who make up the WG;
  • Maintain an effective focus on the goals of HL7;
  • Assure that the all major decisions are based on consensus of the stakeholders;
  • Maximize sharing and "re-use" of work products between elements of the Working Group;
  • Use project management to assure that project goals are articulated and met;
  • Address any conflict between the components of the Working Group; and
  • Assure that HL7 standards are developed on a solid architectural foundation that promotes consistency and interoperability.

Primary activities of the USR-SC include:

  • Review of US Realm Project Scope Statements to ensure appropriate groups are involved, that all related issues are addressed, that joint copyright issues are addressed and that all relationships necessary for successful execution of a US Realm project are addressed
  • Monitor all US Realm projects to insure they stay on schedule
  • Assist and/or adjudicate in any internal or external US Realm issues that arise
  • Review proposed US Realm work and ensure that US International is the appropriate venue for such work to be performed
  • Verify that adequate resources are available for successful and timely execution of US Realm work products
  • Coordinate interactions among Work Groups (via the HL7 International TSC) to insure timely involvement of required resources

Appeals for decisions made by the USR-SC should be directed to the HL7 Board of Directors.

Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

The USR-SC may recommend representation on other HL7 committees such as the International Council, but such recommendations are subject to the normal approval process by the Board of Directors of HL7.

Formal Relationship With Groups Outside of HL7

Formal relationships between the USR-SC and groups outside of HL7 shall be governed by any Memorandums of Understanding or other agreements between HL7 and the organization as defined by the Organization Relations Committee.

*Mission and Charter adopted 2022-11-08


Phone: 413 549 6886


Chair Emeritus

Phone: 9196682408
Position: Director, DCHI
Department: CTSI
Location: DURHAM

TSC Chair

HL7 Board Chair
WG Representatives


Implementer Community Representatives

Phone: 9198598441
Website: https://www.emiadvisors.net/
Position: Director of Interoperability
Department: Interoperability
Location: Washington, DC

Payer Community Representative

Phone: 3034356195
Position: Elevance Health E-Solutions Sr Advisor
Department: Enterprise Execution
Location: Colorado

Public Health Representative

Phone: 404-375-7507
Department: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Location: Atlanta, GA

TSC Representative

Position: Director, Standards and Interoperability
Department: US Department of Veterans Affairs

Vocabulary Representative
Phone: +13039266771
Position: President
Department: MD Partners, Inc.

International Council Representative

Phone: 902-222-7716
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ron-parker-9625441/
Position: Parker Digital Health Computing Inc.
Department: Principal Consultant
Location: Halifax, Canada

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