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Relevant references:

Vocabulary Maintenance at HL7This is the documentation for vocabulary maintenance at HL7, including how to submit a change proposal, report a vocabulary issue, and vote on change proposals. 
Unified Terminology Governance Project (UTG) - COMPLETEThis set of pages was used throughout the development of the UTG process and the initial THO release (v1.0.0). We may wish to archive these pages as we move towards governance and management of UTG and THO.
Sprint SummariesProvides an overview of each UTG development sprint for Jira workflow enhancements/fixes. Formal sprint release tracking began in September 2021 and has proved to be an optimal way of implementing, testing, and pushing changes to the production Jira environment. All changes are first completed in the Jira development environment, tested, and pushed to production.
Current SprintProvides a list of HSCR tickets included in the current sprint of UTG development on the Jira workflow.
UTG Task Force Recommendations to TSCThese recommendations were approved by the TSC. TSMG needs to review, take action on forming the Oversight Groups, and work with the Jira developers to implement the changes.


UTG Development Dashboard

Dashboard that displays tickets that have been logged to the HL7 Software Change Request (HSCR) Jira project to track UTG and THO fixes, tasks, and enhancements that should be considered by TSMG for implementation.

UTG tickets in the HSCR project have a Component value of 'UTG' and a Label value that categorize what aspect of UTG/THO it applies to (i.e. Workflow, Notifications, Content, etc.)

Consensus Review Dashboard

Dashboard that displays tickets in the UTG Proposal (UP) Jira project to track HL7 terminology change proposals and issues that are in the Consensus Review state and require voting to progress. 

This dashboard also displays which Oversight Groups (OSGs) have proposals that require their vote to progress.

In Progress Dashboard

Dashboard that displays tickets in the UTG Proposal (UP) Jira project to track HL7 terminology change proposals and issues that are in progress. 

TSMG should determine how to handle tickets that have been in progress for too long. 

UTG & THO Subcommittee Members

Subcommittee Lead

Phone: +12034312530 x149
IM: Skype: jessica.snell8
Position: Director, Content and Product Services
Department: Apelon, Inc.
Location: Florida, USA

Supporting TSMG Co-chair

Phone: +61 408 749 769
IM: Skype: reubendaniels
Position: Principal Consultant
Department: Saludax
Location: Brisbane, Australia


Phone: 401 219 1165
Position: Principal Informaticist
Department: Marketing and Business Development
Location: Westerly, RI 02891

Phone: +1 828-226-1369
Position: Computer Scientist
Department: NIST
Location: Glenwood Springs, CO

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