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The Terminology Services Management Group's (TSMG) mission is to provide terminology related services to support the efforts of HL7 participants and the overall HL7 mission to provide standards that empower global health data interoperability. The TSMG operates under the governance of the HL7 Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to develop and set policy for the use of terminology in HL7. The TSMG's mission includes the establishment and maintenance of a services catalogue ('the Services') in consultation with the TSC and HL7 staff. The TSMG will be composed of skilled representatives from across HL7 who will deliver the Services.


The TSMG is responsible for the execution of the Services which are expected to include:

  • Management of the Unified Terminology Governance (UTG) consensus review process and operation of its underlying technical infrastructure including HL7 Jira and Confluence.
  • Management, oversight, publication and operation of HL7 Terminology / (known as THO) as the single, trusted and well-maintained infrastructure solution to support use of terminology in HL7.
  • Input into HL7 operations of a terminology service including its technical infrastructure i.e., a FHIR-based Terminology Server.
  • Development of whole-of-HL7 terminology policies to support the above services.
  • Day to day decision making around terminology.
  • Review of standards projects for terminology requirements.
  • Implementation of terminology quality criteria as defined by the Vocabulary WG that are required to be completed before balloting and publication.

Problem Statement

Originally developed by the TSC task force to promote the creation of TSMG. That document located here


Phone: +13039266771
Position: President
Department: MD Partners, Inc.

Phone: +61 408 749 769
IM: Skype: reubendaniels
Position: Principal Consultant
Department: Saludax
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Meetings are open and occur Tuesdays 5-6:30p ET

The composition of the TSMG is as follows:

  • Specific members

    • The HL7 Chief Technology Officer (or their representative)
    • A Vocabulary WG representative
    • A member of the HL7 Terminology Authority
    • A member with knowledge and experience of UTG and THO.
  • Members who represent the following perspectives

    • FHIR standards
    • CDA Standards
    • V2 Standards
    • FHIR Implementation
    • CDA implementation
    • V2 implementation
  • Up to 3 at large members to represent the following perspectives.

    • Terminology Service implementation and operations 
    • Terminology content product vendor 
    • Terminology implementation within HL7 specifications
  • At least 2 members should also be members of HL7 Affiliates.

A member may hold more than one perspective. It is expected that between 7 and 10 members will be appointed initially.

HL7 International will consider requests for HL7 staff to carry out activities requested by the TSMG in fulfillment of the Services.

The TSMG will follow the usual pattern of other management groups, with 2 year appointments and two co-chairs elected by the TSMG members.


Phone: +64 21 758834
Position: Affliate Chair
Department: HL7
Location: New Zealand

Phone: +1 828-226-1369
Position: Computer Scientist
Location: Glenwood Springs, CO

Phone: 401 219 1165
Position: Principal Informaticist
Department: Marketing and Business Development
Location: Westerly, RI 02891

Phone: +12034312530 x149
IM: Skype: jessica.snell8
Position: Manager, Content and Product Services
Department: Apelon, Inc.
Location: Florida, USA

Phone: 9195618911
Position: Sr Research Terminologist
Department: Biomedical Informatics & Data Science Section
Location: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Phone: 8478421846
Position: CTO
Location: Chicago, IL
 or designee

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