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Prior to the R4B release, a set of terminology code systems and value sets were intended to be removed from FHIR core and moved into THO (particularly for V2, V3, and external FHIR content. There was some incomplete cleanup that resulted in duplicate resources being in both FHIR core and THO through R5. 

The duplicates contain the same content, with either the same URL anchor of (or /ValueSet) OR have differing anchors such as vs

Michael Faughn performed a duplicate analysis 

The different 'buckets' of duplicate resources and their resolutions are below.

Duplicate Code Systems in THO and FHIR Core

Grahame performed an analysis of code systems and their content across THO and FHIR core. For those with no significant content changes, the code system resource was removed from FHIR core. 

TSMG should request a list of these code systems and add them to this page for transparency. 

Duplicate Value Sets in THO and FHIR Core

Grahame believes these have been resolved based on the Code System resolution above, however taking a sample of the analysis of duplicates that was performed by Michael Faughn and reviewed by the UTG/THO subcommittee indicate that duplicates remain. 

One example:

TSMG should review and communicate all remaining duplicates back to Grahame to resolve prior to the R5 content deadline.

Ballot-Bound Code Systems in THO

Grahame confirmed that the following code system duplicates are ballot-bound. As such, the duplicates should be removed from THO. 

TSMG should assign this task to someone to remove the resources from THO. Marc will likely be able to assist.


Duplicate Resources Requiring WG Resolution

There are a small number of Code Systems that Grahame has asked specific people/Work Groups to move to THO or reconcile with THO prior to the R5 content deadline via Zulip: They are listed below. 

TSMG should monitor the resolutions and document them here. 

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