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Chair: Caroline Macumber 

Scribe: Davera Gabriel 


Monday, July 11, 1:00-2:30PM UTC

Monday, July 11,  9:00-10:30AM USA ET

Monday, July 11, 11:00-12:30AM (next day) AEST

Tuesday, July 12, 2:00-3:30AM NZDT   


Attendee type:

M - TSMG Member

O -Observer / Guest


P - present

A - Apologies

X - (Apologies with Proxy)



M (Co-Chair)PClinical Architecture
M (Co-Chair)PThe Johns Hopkins University
M (Co-Chair)PSaludax
HL7 International
M (TSMG Rep to the TSC)PMD Partners, Inc.


MPApelon, Inc.
MP - until 10:06MaxMD
MPNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
MX - proxy to ReubenHL7 New Zealand
Precipius b.v.
MPHL7 Germany
Health Intersections
OPCanada Health Infoway
OPNational Library of Medicine
Hausam Consulting LLC
SNOMED International
Joe FlackJohns Hopkins BIDS
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)
OPJohn SnyderNational Library of Medicine (US)
Ted KleinTK Consulting
Lloyd MackenzieAccenture
Ravi KafleWashington State Department of Health
Doug DeShazoLexisNexis
OPMaryKay McDanielFM/Markam
Corey SpearsMITRE
John SpinosaLantana
OPHope GrayHL7 Intern
Joe AmlungReginstrief
OPMartha JonesHL7 Intern
OPRiki MerrickVernetzt, LLC

Antitrust statement

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM).

Minutes Approved as Presented 


This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Agenda Topics 

Meeting was recorded

Agenda Outline

Time allocationLead

Agenda Item

  • Note that meetings are recorded
  • Welcome to members and observers


  • Announcements
    • January 2023 Ballot Cycle Deadlines
      • August 21st, 2022: TSC Approval of PSS
      • November 1st, 2022: NIB Deadline (6 weeks prior to ballot opening)
  • Contract work announcement for web-based terminology resource editor for FHIR
  • Working group meeting registration has started - please register

HL7_RFP_UTG Terminology Resource Editor.pdf

    • Jess:  Dan V asked Ted & Jess what functionality would be needed for UTG / THO.  But the overall purpose also intended for general-purposes as well. Local copy of editor will also ease requirement to edit xml, interacts with GitLab. 
    • Ability to create new resources is was added to the RFP per our request
  • TSMG appointments for 2023 - eMail to Dan V on 23June22
    • AI:  Davera will follow-up with Dan V
    • RM:  will also inquire at TSC meeting today
SOGI Content For V2.9.1

SOGI content for the V2.9.1 ballot in September - request from Ulrike Merrick 

  • final content due August 4, but to Frank for QC by July 15
  • would like your input on how to handle vocabulary for the new data elements. As you know in V2 we have tables - and we want to ensure that the vocabulary is in sync with what is used in FHIR and CDA, so how would you like us to do that.

Currently a data element with a CWE data type has the following text: 

"For example for Gender Identity: 

Gender Identity which is an individual's personal sense of being a man, woman, boy, girl, nonbinary, or something else. This datum represents an individual’s identity, ascertained by asking them what that identity is. Refer to User-defined Table <TBD> - <TBD> in Chapter 2C, Code Tables, for suggested values."

JBL (in chat): This is how the V2 tables are represented in THO (with links to corresponding cs/vs):

After discussion, resolution includes the following: 

  1. Add appropriate Codes & Code Systems entry in table 396
    1. Riki: (in chat)
    2. This is a V2 MG task
  2. Use the FHIR Value Set (needs to go into in THO)
    1. Once the Coding System is established, then the Value Set can be added
    2. Agreed that this should be established sooner rather than later
    3. Riki:  August 4 is deadline for LIMS ballot. Shooting for July 15 to have the content available
    4. MaryKay:  need to have the content in well in advance of August 4 to be sure to get this into the IG
  3. Need to make sure have the correct OIDs for both the code system & the Value Set - needs some adjustment / attention

JBL in chat: HL7-defined table of specifying the coding system. This table is maintained outside of the published Version 2 standards; the content is not listed here; the content is maintained outside of the Version 2 Product Family maintenance process. For the list of codes in the table, see the HL7 Webpage rendering, at  This is the description in THO

MV in chat: We *should* be using THO

Riki M in chat: I think we SHALL be using THO!!!

TSMG Standing Subcommittee Updates

  • September Connectathon 
  • Outreach / Education Topics: Zulip Terminology Stream Analysis - in process
    • Monthly meeting last week, changing meeting cadence to weekly"  the "Summer Intern Sprint"
    • Dan V, Hope G & Martha J (summer interns) attended & expressed value in the Zulip Stream analysis
      • Based on their feedback - added individuals (persons) as a class to count in text parsing / analysis
        • Individuals would be reviewed and their roles assigned to better understand what kind of person asks certain kinds of questions
  • OMOP + FHIR collaboration
    • Suzy Roy & Christian Reich to attend TSMG meeting together on August1
  • Co-chair terminology presentation: FAQs needed
  • Reuben and Rob H are doing terminology Tutorials at WGM per request of HQ
  HL7 Terminology Authority10


  HL7 Terminology / Unified Terminology Governance (THO/UTG)10RD/JB
  • E-vote for review of terminology expectations for IG developers
  • Supporting implementers to anchor IG content in THO prior to above being approved
    • Corey Spears would like guidance on 'holding' a THO anchored URL for content that is in progress and is intended to be in THO later
    • MaryKay: this is impactful when they are across IGs rather than when there are across IGs (being balloted at staggered intervals)  this would allow for stable declaration while these different ballots resolve.  Additional use case includes the need for declaration for a code system, while the value set members are being worked-out in ballots
    • Jess: alternative approach may be to utilize the "Pending" tab rather than establishing a naming system and filling out all its requisite metadata.  this is not completely fleshed-out at this time. But it could be used for this purpose
    • Carol (in chat):   When the tooling is complete and is working as designed - the purpose of the "Pending" tab is to support situations like this one.  Expresses concern that this request would create a situation where a manual process to update would be required to resolve. 
    • Resolution:  JBL will circle back to Corey and will manually add naming systems as requested under the pending tab per his request knowing that this will not be the process in the future, as a proforma ticket
  • THO release schedule
    • Propose that THO release be published 4 weeks prior to IG content deadline, with THO freeze happening 6 weeks prior to the IG content deadline
    • Sent inquiry and follow up to IG authors for feedback on proposed schedule. Very little feedback received.
    • Davera makes a motion that THO release be published 4 weeks prior to IG content deadline, with THO freeze happening 6 weeks prior to the IG content deadline. Second: JBL  Motion passes 7-0-0
    • Suggest Jess reach out to see if this could be added to the co-chair webinar agenda, add to official calendar, noted for inclusion in the developing education materials.
  • Scheduling next THO release
    • We cannot meet the schedule proposed above for this cycle, final content deadline is 8/7
    • Also depends on Marc's availability, possibly by the September WGM
    • Jess will discuss with Mark & Grahame and report back with a suggested date for next version.  Possibly in next week's TSMG meeting
  • Versioning policy for UTG/THO
    • Reuben sending out doodle poll later today for new task force to define versioning policies for:
      • External code system metadata records
      • Value sets
      • Naming systems
      • Concept maps
  • Subcommittee work in progress
    • Many CodeSystems use urls when they should be FHIR-37440 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Discussed in 23Jun22 Vocab WG AI as follows:
        • "Need to follow audit trail to see how these resources got in R4B 
        • Need to pick one and reach out to WG to determine how it got that way
          1. Rob H, Carol and Jess will investigate"
    • Deprecation Policy and Implementation
    • Filling slots for UTG OSG Voters
      • Management Groups for Product Family OSGs 
        • FMG: John Moerke (Bryn discussing final slots with FHIR-I today)
        • CMG: Lisa Nelson, Alexander Henket, Marc Duteau
        • V2: Michael Faughn, Frank Oemig, Rob Snelick
    • Vocab WG follow-up: Policy Requiring Identification of Stewards for HL7 (Internal) Code Systems
  • eMail from Reuben re: internally managed identifier systems
    • deadline of this Friday indicated in eMail
    • No need to develop an additional tab
 Technical Steering Committee (TSC) matters10RM
  • eVoting
  • Requirement for web-based authoring environment - will be a feature of editing tool out for contract
  • Leadership elections in process for TSC - please vote of you are able to
Terminology Server (Implementation Requirement)

  • Follow-up from WGM - next steps re: terminology server (service) requirements (1-page description)
    • Needs to clearly state why we do not have what is needed in the currently available services including THO or
    • Jess / Reuben / Rob Hausam/Davera

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document



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