What are these webinars about?

These webinars bringing the HL7 community together every few months to provide updates about the latest developments and timelines, share best practices for developing HL7 standards, identify challenges and roadblocks, discuss governance issues, highlight technical and infrastructure advances, and generally get input and insight into the priorities and challenges of HL7 standards development happening across the HL7 community.

These events often feature updates from the Chief Standards Development Officer and Technical Steering Committee leadership, strategic community discussions (sometimes with breakout rooms), presentations from our Product and Service Management Groups, details about upcoming ballot cycles and events, the advancements of our Standards Implementation Division in creating virtuous feedback loops with our standards development efforts, and more.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in how the HL7 Community is working to develop world-class standards that empower global health data interoperability! This meeting is for co-chairs, project leads, project participants, management group members, and everyone who is curious about how HL7 develops its consensus-based specifications.

When do these happen?

These virtual events occur about every month in the intervening period between our regular (January, May, September) HL7 Working Group Meetings.

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