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The HL7 Technical Steering Committee’s (TSC) mission is to provide the technical direction to the HL7 organization to achieve the vision of creating the best and most widely used standards in healthcare. The TSC oversees and coordinates the technical efforts contributed by the HL7 participants to ensure that the efforts of the Working Group (WG) are focused on the overall HL7 mission.

TSC will provide input and operationalize the strategic initiatives. The TSC also reviews and provides oversight to projects during the approval process. This allows the TSC to identify gaps and overlaps between projects of the Working Group and the strategic initiatives.


The TSC is responsible for overseeing the execution of standards development within HL7 by assuring that the efforts of the WG are in line with the strategy set forth by the Board.

The TSC works with the Architecture Review Board (ARB) to provide coherent business architecture for development of HL7 standards. The TSC works with product families to implement development methodologies, and work processes to be used by the WG in developing HL7 consensus-based standards specifications.

The TSC oversees the management function of the Work Groups (WGs). Through the steering divisions, the TSC manages the health and project workload of the WGs.

The TSC has established the Standards Governance Board (SGB) to supervise the standards governance needs of product families and WGs. The TSC has established product family management groups to assure that the WGs work smoothly together and cover the product family related work scope in a consistent manner.

The TSC serves as the primary communication vehicle for the technical operations of HL7 and serves as the technical authority of HL7, communicating status and guidelines regarding standards and operations.

The composition of the TSC is described in section 09.01 of the GOM, and additional ex officio membership as described in sections 07.02 (Chair), 07.03 (Chair-elect) and 07.04 (Immediate Past-Chair).

Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes:

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) operates – and expects the Working Groupto operate – in accordance with the HL7 organizational ideals so as to:

a) respect the contributions and ideas of the individuals who make up the Working Group;

b) maintain an effective focus on the goals and strategic plan of HL7;

c) assure that the all major decisions are based on consensus of the stakeholders consistent with all bylaws, HL7 Essential Requirements, Governance and Operations Manual, and TSC processes;

d) maximize sharing and "re-use" of work products between elements of the Working Group;

e) use project management to assure that project goals are articulated and met;

f) address any conflict between the components of the Working Group; and

g) assure that HL7 standards are developed on a solid architectural foundation that promotes consistency and interoperability.


Formal Relationships with Other HL7 Groups

The TSC may recommend representation on other HL7 committees, but such recommendations are subject to the normal approval process by the Board of Directors of HL7 or as otherwise defined in the GOM.

TSC members may also act as liaisons with committees at the discretion of the board or as defined in the GOM, including:    

·         TSC Representative to the Governance and Operations Committee (GOC)  

·         TSC representative to the US Realm Steering Committee

Formal Relationship With Groups Outside of HL7

When relationships between HL7 and external organizations involve the use by HL7 of a standard or specification developed by the external organization; then the use/specialization/localization of the specification by HL7 is governed by principles and practices specified by the ARB, and the signed Statement of Understand (SOU) between HL7 and the external organization.

Formal relationships between the TSC and groups outside of HL7 shall be governed by any SOU or other agreements between HL7 and the organization as defined by the by the HL7 Board.


*Mission and Charter adopted 2019

Technical Steering Committee Members

TSC Chair

 Austin Kreisler 
Leidos, Inc.
Term ends Dec 2022

Chief Technology Officer

Wayne Kubick 
Health Level Seven International

International Affiliate Representatives

 Giorgio Cangioli 
HL7 Italy
Term ends Dec 2021

 Christof Gessner
HL7 Germany
Term ends Dec 2022

Chris Shawn
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Term ends Dec 2022

Working Group Representatives

Paul Knapp 
Knapp Consulting Inc.
Phone: CAN +1 604-987-3313
Term ends Dec 2021

Riki Merrick
Vernetzt, LLC
Term ends Dec 2021

 Melva Peters 
Jenaker Consulting
Term ends Dec 2022

Sandra Stuart 
Kaiser Permanente
Term ends Dec 2022

Product Management Group Representatives

Jean Duteau (CDA Management Group)
Duteau Design Inc
Term ends Dec 2022

Josh Mandel
Term ends December 2022

 Amit Popat
amit @
Term ends Dec 2022

Implementer Representative

Bryn Rhodes
Dynamic Content Group 
Term ends Dec 2022

Ad Hoc Members

 Anthony Julian FHL7 
Mayo Clinic
Term ends Dec 2021

Robert McClure MD
MD Partners, Inc. 
Term ends Dec 2021

 David Pyke
Audacious Inquiry
Term ends Dec 2021

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