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2. The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is a closed committee. Unless in executive or declared in-camera session, anyone may be present and listen to the discussion without voice. They must identify themselves and if attending for a specific agenda item, identify that area of interest. When that agenda item is presented, they may at the discretion of the presiding Chair, be called on to provide additional information.

5.1  Defining Quorum

Quorum for the TSC requires a Chair and at least 8 individuals including at least 3 Working Group representatives and 1 National/Regional representative.

7.    Electronic Voting

  1. Decisions may be resolved electronically.
  2. Electronic voting may be requested for input on decision topics and for the approval of documents including Project Scope Statements (PSS), Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB), ballot lists, and other documents as determined by the TSC and the TSC Leadership.
  3. A list of routine decisions may be distributed to the TSC membership with options to vote affirmative, negative, abstain, or refer to telecon. A comment is required for a negative or refer to telecon vote.   
  4. The typical voting period starts on Tuesday for at least 3 days, ending on Friday. The TSC Chair may choose to extend the voting period. Negative or Referred items will be on the agenda for the next Monday TSC meeting.
  5. Quorum for electronic voting is the same as the quorum for a regular meeting as defined in 5.1 above.
  6. If quorum has not been achieved by Friday, the vote will be taken in the next TSC conference call or WGM.
  7. If the issue being voted on applies to one or more of the Product/Service Management Groups, that group should bring forward the opinion of the Group on the issue.

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