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Referred by Clinical SD: This project started at HSPC, I assume to define requirements for publishing Smart apps, etc. The requirement standards may fit with HL7 but I think it helpful to discuss first

Referred by ARB:  Products : V3, White paper; Project Intent: Create new standard. IMHO should also be White Paper with Ballot type checked Informative. Schedule should indicate which will be balloted informative, STU, and Normative.

Lorraine: It's not just requirements for publishing Smart apps. We define other APIs. Paul: It should say white paper, balloted informative in section 5.
Tony: The schedule is vague. Paul: It's three different levels of the same specification. Should maybe just leave it as informative and leave out the white paper issue.

ACTION: Paul to ask the committee to clarify intentions.

2018-11-19: Updated Project Approval Request submitted for e-vote

2018-11-26: Approved





Project Insight ID1436


Project Approval Request

The SOA WG of the Infrastructure SD requests project approval of "Health Services Platform Marketplace" at Project Insight 1436. This project will provide a vendor-agnostic Health Services Platform (HSP) Marketplace specification for publication, curation, discovery, and distribution of interoperable service implementations. This specification will be completely agnostic to programming language/frameworks, database, and I/O technologies, as well as account for SMART-on-FHIR client applications that require on-site deployment. Existing work by HSPC and ASU will be brought in to HL7 to formalize and steward the specification itself.

Action items

  • Paul Knappto ask SOA to clarify intentions on Health Services Platform Marketplace