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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Anne Wizauer2020-10-26 TSC Agenda/Minutes
  • Anne Wizauerto add third party terminology related copyright statements wording to TSC e-vote this week
Anne Wizauer2020-10-19 TSC Agenda/Minutes
Anne Wizauer2020-10-19 TSC Agenda/Minutes
Anne Wizauer2020-10-05 TSC Agenda/Minutes
  • Wayne Kubick to work with Lynn and others to look into adding macros and making other improvements to the spreadsheet
Wayne Kubick2020-06-01 TSC Call Agenda/Minutes
Austin Kreisler2020-03-16 TSC Agenda/Minutes
  • Jean Duteau will contact Lindsey for updates to Generalized Anxiety Disorder publication request
Jean Duteau2020-02-17 TSC Agenda/Minutes