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  1. WGM dates are usually published a long time in advance and many activities are scheduled around them (both within member ogranizations as well as for other Standards Development Organizations) - moving them relatively short term AND MOST importantly WITHOUT input from WG leaders is troubling and results in MANY folks having to re-arrange their schedule or even resulting in members not being able to attend. This started with the WGM in Australia (where many already had flights and hotels booked) and that seems to have become a pattern. If WGM dates cannot be relied upon for planning in the future, we run the risk of organizations NOT planing around known dates in the future. This is a volunteer organization and we need to support the people that make this work possible by allowing planning.

  2. The new week is a holiday week in Australia so Grahame, among others, will not be able to attend the WGM for the new dates.  I have heard from many others with conflicts as well. 

  3. This is the same week as IHE and X12.

  4. I'm concerned that this was due to a US holiday.  The WGMs have routinely been booked on non-US holidays and if we're to be seen as a truly International organization, favouritism like this casts a pall on that.  While MLK day is an important day in the US, the rest of the world may not see that as a sufficient reason to make the entire international community re-arrange their schedules on short notice.

    We're wanting to be seen as an international org, that means that we don't put US interests first, especially for things like scheduling.