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QuestionsResponseActions Needed
Is there an intent to ballot?
  • Yes

Was the ballotable content developed using an HL7 Work Groups Decision Making Practices?
  • original content was developed in ONC's FAST Project
  • Intent is to develop a FHIR IG based on this content
  • no ballotable content was developed outside of HL7
  • All ballotable content is being developed in conjunction with FHIR-I Work Group
  • Providing weekly updates to FHIR-I WG
  • Announce and make teleconferences accessible to HL7 community
Is the content available on an HL7 Managed platform?
  • Yes - on


  • Move by Austin - seconded by Wayne to accept assertion that this FHIR IG is HL7 developed content and no further review is required. 3-0-0 Carried
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