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Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm





TSC and CTO ReportWayne Kubick

UTG/Harmonization UpdatesTed Klein

HTA ReportJulie James

FHIR UpdateGrahame Grieve

7:00-8:30Steering Division Meetings:

Administrative - Convention 3.2
Clinical - Convention 3.3
Infrastructure - Convention 3.4
Organizational Support - Convention 3.5

Q&A Notes:

Questions for Ted Klein:

  • Floyd: If you're not part of the pilot and you need a change, you're not going to get it to happen for May. So you need to be part of the pilot? Ted: That's correct. If you need content in the ballot you'll have to be part of the pilot.
  • Jean: The facilitators' roundtable is not happening anymore since there is no longer harmonization.
  • Rob: There will be a need for facilitators in this process. Every WG that does IG creation will need to have a facilitator who understands how to do the new process. The plan is that Vocab cochairs will primarily serve that need initially but we'll likely be doing facilitator meetings in the future.


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