When drafting a Project Proposal note that Confluence acts as an initial landing place but Jira handles the actual creation/editing of the proposal. The below links are from Jira.

In order to submit your draft you must go to Jira and click on the "Submit" button. 

For more information on the Project Proposal process, see: How to Create and Review a Project Proposal

A project proposal is not necessary for new releases of previously published standards, or for reaffirmation, re-circulation or withdrawal ballots. You also do not need to submit a proposal if you are re-activating a withdrawn project. In any of these situations, you may jump straight to the Project Scope Statement.

For any questions, please email webmaster@hl7.org.

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  1. This is a comment on the recent change to the PSS process that calls for a Project Proposal prior to formal PSS proposal. I appreciate the goal of trying to increase the visibility of project proposals prior to the formal proposal/approval process. While I understand the rationale behind the proposal, this proposal does not serve HL7 members. The announcement states, "Once the project is accepted (i.e. a sponsor is identified and no barriers to the project are foreseen), a Project Scope Statement (PSS) must still be created and approved through the current HL7 PSS processes." Is it really necessary to layer yet another stage as a preamble to an already cumbersome confusing bureaucratic process? There are already 6 steps/committees involved with PSS approval (the Sponsoring WG, Co-Sponsoring WGs, FMG, Realm Steering Committee, Steering Division, and TSC). HL7 is endless maze of committees and obscure rules that cries out for simplification. Adding processes on top of processes will not be welcomed by members and volunteers – the people that really count in this organization.  Please reconsider.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Mark.  This new process is intended to fix some of the issues of having to "shop around" your PSS to find a sponsor. The project proposals will only be required for new projects that are producing Release 1 of specifications, not for existing specifications.

      It goes along with the change we are making to the PSS process to remove all of the steps.  The new PSS workflow process is expected to be implemented by the September WGM and will move the approvals of a PSS to a Consensus Review Process done in parallel once the sponsoring WG approves.  It will all be done in JIRA.  Once the sponsoring WG approves, all other identified stakeholders including USRSC, Management Groups, co-sponsoring WGs, etc will be done in parallel.  Other groups will also see the project and have an opportunity to comment and identify themselves as co-sponsors or interested parties during this process.  The final step is the TSC approval.  We hope that this will simplify the process.  As part of this work, the PSS form has been reviewed and we are working to simplify it by removing/clarifying sections.

  2. Hi Melva Peters, for planning purposes, do you know how long this review/approval process is expected to take?  Thanks!

    1. This is a 2 weeks review process once the proposal goes out to the membership.  Assuming there is a sponsoring Work Group who accepts being a sponsor at the end of two weeks the proposal will be accepted.  If there is debate, there may take some additional time to determine the sponsor.