Date: Sunday 15 September 2019

Quarter: Q1 and Q2

Attendance Q1:

P - present

A - Apologies

Attendance Q2:

P - present

A - Apologies




Heather Grain

Global eHealth Collaborative


Rob McClure

MD Partners


Jean Narcisi

American Dental Association


Julie James

Blue Wave Informatics LLP


Roel Barelds

ICT Group

PPSusan MatneyIntermountain Health

AASylvia ThunHL7 Germany

Wayne Kubick


Sandy StuartKaiser Permanente

Jane Millar

SNOMED International

LPPTed KleinKCI Inc.
LPPReuben DanielsHL7 Australia
LPPCarole MacumberApelon Inc
OPPMonica HarrySNOMED International
OPPSuzy RoySNOMED International
OPPSmita KachrooCanada Health Infoway
OPhonePhoneAndrea MacLeanCanada Health Infoway

Minutes Approved as Presented 

Were approved on the HTA Teleconference 2019-05-28

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

ManagementMinutes approval

TopicMultiple choice question about HTA for Co-chair dinner

What do you do if you want a new concept added to SNOMED CT US extension to use in a US-focused FHIR Implementation Guide?

Post a request on Zulip?

Contact SNOMED International directly?

Call Susan Matney?

Have your Vocab Facilitator in the concept request form on the HTA Confluence pages?

Have your Vocab Facilitator contact the SNOMED National Release Center at the NLM?

TopicSupporting provision of URIs for Terminology in FHIR

Identifying Code Systems in HL7 Artefacts

Working with and supporting Vocabulary Facilitators and how to do that with the Accelerator Projects

Desirable that the main target audience for the outputs are the Vocab Facilitators but that may not be practicable.  But we do need "capacity building" in terminology skills

Lessons from the OID Registry - needs good governance especially if widely used and clean the data as entry.

HL7 and Health IT "needs identifiers for code systems" but...a URI is a DNS friendly identifier - it is not healthcare specific.  A "resolvable" URL implies some business requirement.

The content of the discussion is captured in the set of slides that were used to guide the discussion; these can be found at Terminology Authority documents entitled URIs for Code Systems in FHIR Sept WGM

Action: RMcC and SK to send copies of the forms etc. that have been used to communicate with code system owners

Next HTA actions: Confluence form for vocab facilitators or whoever for requesting; "letter" to code system owners

TopicHTA Role / GOM Changes / Report from TSC meeeting

Julie attended Q2 of TSC and will do so at next WGM

Janus - HTA faces externally on behalf of the Board to code system owners and internally for use of external code systems within the HL7 community

SGB is a group created by TSC (which is operational) to define policy for HL7 Product Family activities.  So SGB will need to endorse the flow diagram we have created then TSC would communicate to the community that "this is what you need to do"

ManagementHTA Membership changes
After the Board meeting Tuesday
ManagementTeleconferences and Sydney WGM

Continue to use the Tuesday 9pm BST/UTC every fortnight.  Need to make sure we are not clashing with SNOMED on FHIR

At the Sydney WGM, everything is one day later, so HTA will meet Q1&Q2 on MONDAY morning

Action items