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Julie JamesBlue Wave Informatics LLP

Roel Barelds

Precipius b.v.

HPSusan MatneyIntermountain Health
Sylvia ThunHL7 Germany
HPCarol MacumberClinical Architecture
HPReuben DanielsSaludax
Davera GabrielJohns Hopkins University Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Wayne Kubick


Suzy RoySNOMED International
OPAndrea MacLeanCanada Health Infoway
Jessica BotaUTG/Apelon
Ted KleinKlein Consulting / HL7 UTG / Vocabulary WG CoChair
Swapna AbhyankarRegenstrief Institute
Rob HausamVocabulary WG CoChair
Rob McClureUS Realm Liaison
Sheila AbnerCDC NHSN
Jenny Couse

National Center for Health Statistics

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Check here:

None found requiring comment by HTA


External SDO and Code System Issues HTA Content Pages Review


Wayne requested that HTA review the SOU between SNOMED CT and HL7.  The working document is located here HL7 IHTSDO agreement 2021.docx

Julie James  we can use this version to make group edits.

ManagementAgenda for WGM

Any further updates?

2 quarters for main HTA; Monday Q1 and Q2

  • External code system convenience copies - appropriateness, maintenance processes, resources....templates (e.g. SOU, license etc.)
  • Translations of HL7 terminology content (done by external organisations); NB Alexander Henket asked about this some time ago, and the answer at that time was "No, not in UTG"
  • HTA focused discussion on Terminology Product Family discussion - with the particular focus on the the HTA role going forward 
  • WHO Collaboration especially for code system identification Robert Jacob and Can Celik ? invite for discussion to one quarter
  • Review and approve improved text for users to request a code system identifier Validating and Requesting Identifiers for External Code Systems and Identifier Systems

2 quarters with Vocab; Wed Q2 and Q3

  • Topic with Vocab
    • How much of the "FHIR content" to move over to THO (e.g. filtering etc.)
    • SOLOR
    • Code system development
    • Terminology Product Family discussions if still not concluded

What about with TSC? The TSC does not meet during virtual WG.  Reuben Daniels will be presenting at the TSC meeting on 5/17. Post that meeting, if necessary, it was suggested that we invite the TSC to attend one of the joint sessions with Vocabulary to make further progress and/or answer any remaining questions from the TSC meeting.

TopicHL7 Terminology Product FamilyOngoingReuben

See previous item.

Current Mission and Charter information is here Terminology Services Management Group (TSMG) Mission and Charter - DRAFT

Group reviewed and suggested that an addition be made to include a minimum number of TSG represetnatives be from HL7 Affiliates. Reueben will note that HTA requested amendment when sending to Austin.

Problem Statement is in progress - Reuben DanielsJulie JamesCaroline Macumber will present to TSC on 5/17

TopicUTG/THO UpdateContinuousJess and Reuben

ICPC - in progress with Roel

NLM related code systems

MeSH and RxNorm have been completed.

Related: Template was updated to reflect the expected values here: HTA External Code System Information mapping to a FHIR CodeSystem and NamingSystem resource pair

UMLS - Appropriate to represent as a code system?

HTA reviewed and agrees that the UMLS is package of code systems maintained independently. Similar to the NCI Metathesaurus, it is not considered a independent code system. 

TopicCode System developmentNew(ish)Julie

 – Did not cover this item as it was unfamiliar to the group, will revist on next call --

Code system development 

File here

Where have we got to with this? 

TopicUpdated CS Identifier process guidanceNewCarol

Carmela has offered to improve upon the current document process for external stakeholder engagement to procure CS identifiers.

The draft is located here: Validating and Requesting Identifiers for External Code Systems and Identifier Systems

HTA members and observers are asked to review the drafted text, directly edit where changes are needed and use the comment functionality to ask additional questions. We will review again (and hopefully approve on the next HTA call, which will be at the WGM).

TopicAny Other BusinessContinuousJulie


AdjournmentMeeting adjournedN/AJulie

Call adjourned at 15:56 EST

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