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Chair:  Julie James

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HPJulie JamesBlue Wave Informatics LLP

Roel Barelds

Precipius b.v.

HASusan MatneyIntermountain Health
Sylvia ThunHL7 Germany
HPCarol MacumberClinical Architecture
HPReuben DanielsSaludax
HPDavera GabrielJohns Hopkins University Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Wayne Kubick


LPSuzy RoySNOMED International
OPAndrea MacLeanCanada Health Infoway
LPJessica BotaUTG/Apelon
Ted KleinKlein Consulting / HL7 UTG / Vocabulary WG CoChair
Swapna AbhyankarRegenstrief Institute
Rob HausamVocabulary WG CoChair
LPRob McClureUS Realm Liaison
Carmela CoudercVocab WG CoChair
Asha SpringerCDC Vocabulary
Ioana SingureanuVHA
Keith CampbellVHA

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Motion to accept DG and RB seconded    .

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DG moves, RB seconds: Motion 3-0-0

TopicNew PSSContinuous

No new PSS in JIRA with "Use of external terminology" noted (we think)


External SDO and Code System Issues HTA Content Pages Review


Updates from all please.....especially

NCI-Thesaurus (Davera)
DG met with NCI-T folk (Gilberto)....NCI want to persist the .owl extension but do redirect HTML based on MIME type to resolve to a more standard information page for NCI-T.  The NCI-T does want to keep the .owl as the canonical identifier because there are long-standing artefacts in there.  

The NCI agrees with the HTA that the NCI-m is not a code system even though it is a valuable resource for the community (and that it has an OID).  There is no THO content for the NCI-m

Davera: craft a statement for the above and post Implementers Zulip and Terminology Zulip (Davera to feel free to ask for help in crafting/checking it)

The FHIR page for NCI content is incorrect because it references the NCI-m.  A query to find out if/how many FHIR artefacts (in FHIR core) reference the NCI-m and will need to be updated would be helpful.  Rob M has requested this from LM

TopicHTA External Terminology Data ElementsOngoingReuben

Suzy has reviewed this and so this can be updated as "reviewed".  This is now the "official" page and the old SNOMED CT page has been deleted.

Existing code system pages need to transfer to this format.  Do we have any resources to do this from HL7? No

Do we have any sense from HL7 as to how we can migrate this to THO?  No (although Reuben has some sense of moving this to a THO compatible FHIR code system resource)

Note that these pages are independent of UTG but the HTA pages are taken as the source for the UTG JIRA process to make the resources at THO.

TopicHL7 Terminology Product FamilyOngoingCarol

Terminology Task List
List out known vocabulary functions/tasks on this page with the goal that the list can serve as way to define the scope of responsibilities for each group (Governance/Methodology/Management)

Some progress....keep looking at that Task List

TopicUTG/THO UpdateContinuousJess

7 tickets in Review...if the data matches what is on the HTA pages, the code system and naming system resources can be signed off.

TopicSOLORFrom last meeting
Do we progress this? This has to go to a conversation with Vocab
TopicCode System developmentNew(ish)Carol

Code system development 

Where have we got to with this? 

TopicAny Other BusinessContinuousJulie

AdjournmentMeeting adjournedN/AJulie

Call adjourned at 20.04 UTC

Action Items

  • 11-Nov: Reuben Daniels  to send recommendations on HTA confluence page data elements and their mapping to FHIR for .
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