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Chair:  Julie James

Scribe: Reuben Danielsand Caroline Macumber


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HPJulie JamesBlue Wave Informatics LLP

Roel Barelds

Precipius b.v.

Susan MatneyIntermountain Health
Sylvia ThunHL7 Germany
HPCarol MacumberClinical Architecture
HPReuben DanielsSaludax
HPDavera GabrielJohns Hopkins University Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Wayne Kubick


LPSuzy RoySNOMED International
OPAndrea MacLeanCanada Health Infoway
OPJessica BotaUTG/Apelon
Ted KleinKlein Consulting / HL7 UTG / Vocabulary WG CoChair
Swapna AbhyankarRegenstrief Institute
Rob HausamVocabulary WG CoChair
Rob McClureUS Realm Liaison
Carmela CoudercVocab WG CoChair
Mary Kay DanielCognoscente

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TopicNew PSSContinuousJulie
  • HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Cancer Electronic Pathology Reporting PSS-1688 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • Vulcan - Schedule of Study Activities IG PSS-1687 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • FHIR at Scale (FAST): Scalable Registration, Authentication, and Authorization for FHIR Ecosystem Participants PSS-1685 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • IHE SDC/eCC on FHIR PSS-1683 - Getting issue details... STATUS

External SDO and Code System Issues HTA Content Pages Review


The HTA page for SNOMED-CT is not in the correct template.  Each edition (US/UK/NL) has its own edition but they all use the same code system URI.  The edition is differentiated by codeSystem.version according to the SNOMED URI Specification.  Should we have separate pages for the editions?  If we do that it implies that there should be separate resources in THO for the separate editions....which is currently not possible.  We will try a "template" for a national edition (e.g. using "the NRC" for the code system owner).

GPS/CPS is generally considered a value set expansion derived from the core.

SNOMED update (Suzy) - January 2021 International Edition has just been released, with 3500+ new concepts.  Some new COVID19 vaccine content is present and is in the CPS.  SNOMED Business Meeting will be virtual - 19th-22nd April; working groups and advisory groups are scheduled to meet but are not yet in the calendar.
Reuben asked about collaborations, especially around things like the international vaccination certificate development.  There has been some reorganisation of collaborations and a number of discussions are underway.
There has been a small mapping subset on ICD-11 that has been out for comment and is being evaluated.

NCI-T - Davera and Carol are following up with the NCI-T team

ICD11 - Carol has started the process to build to get the metadata for this.

HPO/Mondo - Davera working directly.  Confirmed that no "letter" is required if we have the contact (as in, we don't keep copies of the letter for traceability etc.).  Folk can use the content of the letter to help with the discussions

TopicHL7 Terminology Product FamilyNew(ish)Julie

Can we come to a consensus to take forward to TSC? 


TopicUTG/THO UpdateContinuousJess

Workflow for implementing the external code system metadata in HTO will be a priority going forward.

Reuben presented thoughts on restructuring/simplifying THO when looking for (external) content.

TopicHTA External Terminology Data ElementsNew(ish)Reuben

Reuben presented his slides (from November 2020) - copy of the slide presentation are at the top of this page

What to do about OIDs?  The HL7 OID Registry entry if not free of charge ($500 US)  The need for OIDs is to support the installed base that already uses OIDs (e.g. V3).  What should happen when there are multiple OIDs (e.g. for MIME types)?  We should identify a preferred one and use the Naming System resource to keep them together.  Eventually....we hope that THO will become the source of truth, rather than the OID registry.  We were going to require that a code systems should have OIDs until Andrea showed us the cost.

We will pick up here next meeting.....Members are requested to look at the email sent out by Reuben today and give as much feedback as possible.

TopicCode System developmentNew(ish)Carol

Code system development 

Where have we got to with this? DEFERRED

TopicAny Other BusinessContinuousJulie

AdjournmentMeeting adjournedN/AJulie

Call adjourned at 21.02 UTC

Action Items

  • 11-Nov: Reuben Daniels  to send recommendations on HTA confluence page data elements and their mapping to FHIR for .
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