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Meeting Information

Attendee Pass: HTAMeet

Chair:  Julie James

Scribe: Reuben Daniels


Attendee type:

H - HTA Member

O - observer

L - liaison


P - present

A - Apologies



HPJulie JamesBlue Wave Informatics LLP

Roel Barelds

Precipius b.v.

HPSusan MatneyIntermountain Health
Sylvia ThunHL7 Germany
HPCarol MacumberClinical Architecture
HPReuben DanielsSaludax
HPDavera GabrielJohns Hopkins University Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Wayne Kubick


LASuzy RoySNOMED International
Andrea MacLeanCanada Health Infoway
Soraya AssarMathematica
Ted KleinKlein Consulting / HL7 UTG / Vocabulary WG CoChair
Jessica BotaApelon
OPRob HausamVocabulary WG CoChair
LPRob McClureUS Realm Liason
Carmela CoudercVocab WG CoChair

Minutes of Teleconference 2020-07-08 (joint with Vocab TC)

Motion to accept proposed and accepted.

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

Agenda Item


Meeting Minutes from Discussion



Minutes Approval

HTA Membership


Quorum is met

Motion to approve Minutes proposed

RB moves, SM seconds: Motion 5-0-0

ManagementPlanning for September Virtual WGMNewJulie

HL7’s Virtual Plenary & Working Group Meeting from September 21-25

What should be the HTA's meeting schedule?

22-July-2020 suggested meetings:

  • One 2-hour HTA general session that was open to all.
  • HTA hosting a the UTG project.
  • Joint: HTA, Vocabulary WG and FHIR.
    • Cost System Maintenance
    • When is a code system not a code system.
  • Joint: HTA hosting UTG Project from Vocabulary.
  • Caroline Macumber Carol will arrange the joint meetings which Vocab/FHIR will host.
  • Julie James Julie will arrange the HTA meetings.
TopicNew PSSContinuousJulie

Reviewing PSS and checking regarding use of external terminology

1: Devices on FHIR - Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide (2nd Edition)

PSS-1660 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TopicGOM changesNewJulie

Does the HTA wish to comment on this proposed change, given our role in working with external organisations?

GCR 141 Who controls/manages SOU [GOM]

ISSUE: [Wayne Kubick] The GOM mentions SOU multiple times but I can't find any mention of the criteria for establishing an SOU or approval of SOUs.  Not in Bylaws either.  Shouldn’t this be defined?

ANALYSIS: Prior to the September 2016 update of the GOM, SOU were the responsibility of the Organizational Relations Committee (ORC).  The ORC was disbanded [Work Item 1605005] in favor of the EC taking responsibility for organizational relations.  Apparently, responsibility for SOUs was not subsequently stipulated as belonging to the EC.


07.13    The Executive Committee

The HL7 Officers shall be the Chair, the Chair-Elect or Immediate Past Chair acting as the Vice Chair, the Secretary, and Treasurer; who, with the addition of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and either the Executive Director or the Associate Executive Director, shall comprise the Executive Committee. 

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for operations of the Organization.  The Board of Directors may from time to time refer issues to the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be binding.

07.13.01         Organizational Relations

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for initiating and/or managing the relationship between HL7 and various other organizations, associations, and consortia.  The Chief Executive Officer shall prepare draft statements of understanding (SOU) addressing these relationships in collaboration with the Executive Committee.  Whenever possible, the SOU shall name those individuals being proposed as liaisons.  Upon ratification by the Executive Committee, the Chief Executive Officer shall bring the SOU before the Board of Directors for final consideration and approval.


  • Julie to respond.
TopicExternal SDO Issues or additional topicsContinuous

Carol and Suzy Roy 

and Sara Armson

  • Email to co-chairs regarding LOINC licence wording change sent
  • Apologies from Suzi - updated sent by email

1 - SNOMED CT Expo 2020

Virtual Conference October 8-9

Registration is now open! 

2 - SNOMED International 2019 Annual Report has been published.  This includes highlights of our new strategy, partnerships, SNOMED CT content and technological updates, and support services.

3 - The July 2020 International Edition will be released next week (July 31st). 


    • Registration is open for SNOMED International Business Meeting and Expo October 8-9 2020 (Julie presenting a paper)
    • New SNOMED International report published.
    • Next Friday the international edition of SNOMED International
    • COVID-19 Interoperability Alliance will have a panel at the SNOMED Expo.
    • Email sent to co-chairs regarding changes to LOINC license.

External Code Systems Canonical URL

NHSN HSLOC Code System


TopicCode system "stub" creationOngoingCarol/Reuben

Support of implementer community process for creation of code system "stubs" and expected interaction with HTA"

Based on that page, the issues there and the plan from the Vocab Co-Chairs meeting, are we good to go?

  • From that there are issues on that page:
  • canonical URL may have been used in a specification that does not align with the HTA and Vocab policies. The URL needs to be updated to the one assigned by HTA
  • There is no process to update a Code System URL in a specification once it is normative
  • Implementers must be able to define a temporary canonical URL for use in testing and/or connectathons, and have a path to updating to the approved canonical URL when assigned 
  • Communication of Code System canonical URLs must be improved  
  • There is an opportunity to enhance the IG quality checks to examine Code System URLs
  • Any process has to acknowledge Code System resources internal to an IG, and those defined in UTG
  • URIs created ad hoc when the first import of the V3 coreMIF was done for UTG 
    1. Should be a one-time clean-up

From the Vocab Co-Chairs Call:

  1. Create a communication plan for Code System URL process and updates
  2. Create a workflow diagram with the decision points and dependencies (on Confluence)  Rob H., Reuben and Ted (within 2 weeks)
  3. Query the build and create a report of Code System canonical URLs (environmental scan to assess the depth of the issues)
    1. This might not be possible
  4. Pursue updating the IG quality checks to include Code System canonical URLs 
  5. Pursue integrating Vocab into the FMG quality process  (Rob H. draft a proposal to discuss at the next WG call)


  • Reuben Danielsposed a policy clarification question. Is the following correct:
    • HTA's responsibility is to accepts requests from anywhere in HL7 for artefacts required (e.g. canonical URLs) from external organisations and adding this to the HTA page for that code system.
    • It is then Vocabulary's responsibility to ensure/enforce that the new artefact is used in HL7 publications (e.g. standards and implementation guides).
  • Julie James was not sure that Vocabulary enforces policy. Rob McClure agreed that TSC enforces policy. 
  • Revision:
    • HTA's responsibility is to accepts requests from anywhere in HL7 for artefacts required (e.g. canonical URLs) from external organisations and adding this to the HTA page for that code system.
    • It is then Vocabulary's responsibility to ensure transition to and use of the new artefact in HL7 publications (e.g. standards and implementation guides).
    • TSC enforces policies.
TopicCommunicating ChangeNewWayne

Need a process for communicating with the FHIR Community on potential breaking changes regarding external terminologies - advance warning etc. (ref NUCC codes)

Discussion needs to centre on having a plan to then put forward to Grahame and the FHIR community

  • Carmela notes that policy cannot be defined by Zulip discussions.
  • Rob McClure: The FHIR community firmly believes policy needs to happen via Zulip.
  • Reuben queried this policy would be part of the Policy on Maintenance of External Code System Identifiers (URIs). Carol confirmed.
  • Rob McClure suggested that newly created URLs should use
  • Ted noted we do not have a process for this yet, but it is a good way forward.
  • Reuben suggested that IG developers need to formally notify the HTA when external terminology resources are being used/adopted in their IGs so that the HTA can advise of existing URLs, or know which ones to pursue - as a matter of governance.
  • Ted and Rob both noted that a large number of external value sets will also need to be addressed too. Susan agreed.
  • Ted noted that only 3 people have participated on the vote on pCLOCD in UTG and requested that attendees vote:  


Not discussed, out of time.

TopicUpdate to new PSS ProcessNewJulie/Wayne

Currently the process has this:

How should the question read?  Should we create a pick list based on the external systems listed in or the HTA page instead of asking people  to list the terminologies?

All external terminologies should be registered with HTA

  • Yes - hooks them into the HTA governance process
  • No - no HTA involvement
  • Unknown - recommend removing?

Picklist of known external terminologies is ideal. When the external terminology is no in the list, they pick other and use free text. 

Group feels strongly that we should extend this data capture to NIB. 


Julie: I have not done anything further about this..... please indicate what we might suggest....

  • Ran out of time - will table and discuss in a future meeting.


  • Julie Jamesasked attendees if we would like to make any comments.
  • Rob McClure commented that Christof Gessner was appointed as Vocabulary facilitator.
  • Rob McClure commented that the PSS template should include a statement that those completing PSS's should check the HTA list.
  • Julie James to get back to PSS group (possibly PIC) to change the second line in the form to change the wording of the questions – if there are known external vocabularies to be used, confirmed that they are on the HTA. If there are known unknown things we will the reminder.
  • Rob McClure added another idea might be a check-point to check the HTA page for external terminologies. 
  • Davera Gabriel suggested that a link to the HTA page for the external terminology be provided in the PSS.
  • Reuben Daniels suggested a red box be added impressing upon PSS authors that failture to comply will have negative consequences and set back their project and/or publication of their artefacts.
TopicWhen a code system is not a code systemNewJulie

Discussion of when a code system is not a code system but is a syntax….

  • Ran out of time - will table and discuss in a future meeting.
TopicUTG UpdateContinuousCarol/Jess
  • Ran out of time - will table and discuss in a future meeting.


Discussion with FHIR - Managing change in code system identificationReportReuben

Also FHIR Vocabulary Binding for Authors

Agreement was reached that one central place must be designated for management of external code systems, and Austin, Wayne, Grahame and Reuben all agreed that UTG was the correct place. However, there are issues with external code system content in the first content relase of UTG, and those need to be addressed before additional content can be migrated (including existing FHIR non-ballot bound terminology).

Need to start here at next meeting

  • Ran out of time - will table and discuss in a future meeting.
AdjournmentMeeting adjournedN/AJulie

Call adjourned at xx:00 UTC

Action Items

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