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Minutes of WGM 2020-02-03

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Topic HTA JIRA queue to manage requests and workflowReuben and Joshua
  • Background on the decision to create an HTA JIRA queue

Going to use JIRA to manage requests for new content in external terminologies (SNOMED/LOINC etc.) and requests for URIs for external terminologies to support FHIR use of terminologies.  We have a draft process and artefacts (letters etc.) to work with this.  JIRA will help us in managing the request process - to log and track the process. 

JIRA provides software for workflow management; it is quite versatile to support needs

  • Discussion of requirements including:
    • Who needs to be able to do what in the project?
      • HL7 "trusted users group" - the group of co-chairs that have Confluence accounts.  Can add additional user roles as needed.  HTA will need to use JIRA for a "business as usual" process rather than as a task and finish project; this is OK to do.
    • What workflow steps will be required? - Reuben will work with Josh to get this drafted based on our existing proposed process; JIRA needs states/statuses and transitions between them
    • What functions will need to happen during those states?
    • How to subscribe to updates and search against issues.
      • Will become clearer once the workflow is set up.  Can have individual subscriptions and rules based notifications etc.
      • Can attach emails and documents etc, to JIRA tickets to support the process

Reuben will work with Josh to bring an initial draft configuration to the next meeting for us to (hopefully) verify.


Suzy is formally replacing Jane as SNOMED-HL7 Liaison.  Email thanking Jane.....

Julie and Carol to have a TC with Suzy next week to talk about how to handle content requests from the Accelerator Projects

TopicExternal Code Systems Statement for IGsJulie

HTA policy states that "Any publication or draft HL7 specification or implementation guide that references an external code system in any way must:

  1. Clearly identify the external content governed by IP restrictions beyond those of HL7
  2. Provide a web-link to the licensing information for the content and/or provide a short description of the requirements
  3. Reference the code system version when the artifact is published, and whether the version for use is important for the artifact
  4. If translations are involved...???
  5. Include, at minimum the following statement, prominently placed (e.g., black box warnings at the beginning of Structured Product Labels in the United States) :
    "This HL7 specification contains and references intellectual property owned by third parties ("Third Party IP"). Use of any HL7 specification and it's associated licensing terms does not grant any rights with respect to Third Party IP. The licensee alone is responsible for identifying and obtaining any necessary licenses or authorizations to utilize Third Party IP in connection with the specification or otherwise."

A proposal has been made to TSC that the following wording should be used:

"Implementers and testers of this specification SHALL abide by the license requirements for each terminology content artifact utilized within a functioning implementation. Terminology licenses SHALL be obtained from the terminology authority for each code system or other specified artifact used. It is the sole responsibility of each organization deploying or testing this specification to ensure their implementations comply with licensing requirements."

TSC are not entertaining this proposal until the HTA has discussed it

The wording is designed to go into HL7 products but is regarding use of external terminologies in those specs.  The HTA would prefer not to have such a heavy handed approach both of language and format.  

Julie will communicate the views of the HTA back to the TSC

TopicUTG UpdateCarol

From WGM: Look at UTG Naming System page - is there anything obviously incorrect?

Carol to lead (please)

Reuben, Susan and Julie have not yet heard anything about testing.  Sylvie has a user name and password directly from Ted for testing purposes.  Maybe request UTG Project Lead (Jessica) to attend an HTA meeting to describe what's needed in testing etc.

TopicISO Codes  - updateDavera

STILL OPEN: Other ISO standards to check:

  • FHIR also uses the IANA Time Zones
  • Davera will look up more information about BCP-47 (a document authored by the IETF trust) for language codes in the US Core FHIR IG.  Davera will check if this is actually a "nested reference" and is actually a syntax using ISO codes
TopicFHIR Tracker ItemsReuben/Carol

 [#25207] Summary: Update Licence Note for Value Sets based on SNOMED GPS

Still needs to craft a new statement to use in the IPS Specification (and others) - Suzy R is working on this 2010-02-19 Caroline Macumber

Graeme  Grieve is (allegedly) dealing with new SNOMED content for Vital Signs to go into the GPS - discuss with Suzy.  FMG is requiring that anything that requires use of SNOMED is balloted as US Realm; HTA needs to challenge this.  Susan will investigate this further and come back to the HTA.

ManagementHTA in January HL7 NewsletterJulie

FYI: The HL7 January Newsletter 

had a section about the HTA with thanks to our retiring members and welcome to new members

ManagementNext CallJulieJulie will be away for the next call, scheduled 4th March.
Carol to chair?
AdjournmentMeeting adjournedJulie

At 21.00 UTC

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  1. Regarding a copyright statement for GPS and general use of SNOMED CT content, [~suzyroy] is working on providing content for HTA to recommend for use.