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Minutes of Teleconference 2019-11-12 

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TopicURLs for External Code Systems

There is a document started with the framework Initial Code System Request Letter

Reuben Daniels and Caroline Macumber

Started adding text to this for each paragraph, especially the paragraph about 'Brief description of the FHIR requirement for a URL

Group reviewed text and made some additions/corrections.

Group agreed that HTA needs to document the process by which this letter will be utilized. At a high level:

1) Request (JIRA ticket opened, email to HTA list serv) triggers use of URL Request letter

2) Requester sends to SDO and copies HTA

3) HTA helps moderate communication between requester and HTA

4) If necessary, UTG project/staff utlizes best practice to propose Identifiers, URL and versioning practice for the code system

5) HTA works with Vocab, UTG and the requestor to close ticket upon resolution

Note: HTA needs to focus on establishing the policies while helping to ensure harmonious use of terminology across product families.

Caroline Macumber  to create parent page for this process (first and follow-up letter as child pages)


From Zulip (RMcC)

  1. If the code system authority is immediately engaged and crafts a url they want and own - use that and stop
  2. If we need to create something because above is not happening fast enough, use the (or some tbd better base) where the xxx is an established (at HL7 OID site or other) short symbolic name
  3. Publish this via UTG
  4. Understand that this url can change when the steward decides to establish something that is better aligned with their domain. Obviously this is a big deal with implications, but it's a fact, as we see here. So we need a defined process to manage this and I'd except this is something HTA, with our help, will craft as the responsible entity in HL7 for external code systems. I'd like better clarity on how we technically help folks go through a transition like we see here. For now, @Eric Haas seems to describe the result of this process.
TopicCode system statement for specifications

See updated policy at General policy on the use of external code systems in HL7 standards .

Julie James Contacted Grahame and FMG, HTA to provide draft text to include in IG publishing process

RB - What about translations? Who is allowed to create and use translations? In Canada, only Infoway is allowed to create translations and authorize use for SNOMED CT and HL7 code systems as per their Affiliate agreements.  Canada Health Infoway has a separate agreement with the Regenstrief Institute to translate LOINC as required into Canadian French. Do we need to stay something about translations? SNOMED has policies, can we utlize some of that verbiage?

Andrea MacLean to review policy and comment

TopicISO Codes  - update

Roel has updated the ISO 3166 page on HTA Confluence.  Thanks to Roel for this excellent work.

Julie wrote to ISO regarding ISO 4217 Currency codes and ISO 639 Language codes; awaiting response; then set up pages for them on the HTA Confluence

Abel Rupari, ISO Central Secretariat, responded with the following:

"ISO allows free-of-charge use of its country, currency and language codes from, respectively, the ISO 3166, ISO 4217 and ISO 639 standards, in commercial and other applications."

Julie James  to document policy where necessary (ISO confluence pages)

STILL OPEN: Other ISO standards to check:
ISO 11073 Nomenclature for Personal Medical Device Communications; terminology is managed through the IHE PCD Profile Rosetta Terminology Mapping Overview; used in  8.16 Resource DeviceMetric and PoC Device IG. Julie Jamesreach out to the Med Devices group to ask about their arrangements for use of this standard (Melvin)

FHIR also uses the IANA Time Zones

TopicFHIR Tracker Items

 [#25207] Summary: Update Licence Note for Value Sets based on SNOMED GPS

Still needs to craft a new statement to use in the IPS Specification (and others) Caroline Macumber

AdjournmentMeeting adjourned

At 21.53 

For next meeting (if time) 1) Review with the large group the progress made on URL request letter 2) close out the code system statement and send to FMG 3) How to get vocab facilitators engaged and how to get project teams to engage with their vocab facilitator 4) How will UTG engage to bridge the gap, especially as the IG publisher and UTG become more integrated (still a way off) 5) Back to terms of reference

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