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Minutes of Teleconference 2019-08-20 

Motion to accept proposed SM and seconded RMcC.

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Motion to accept proposed SM and seconded RMcC.  (Carried unanimously)

TopicHTA Agenda for WGM

Q1 - developing the 'graceful degradation'  process for Canonical URLs

Requirements: 1) URL for landing page/description 2) URL for the actual terminology content for FHIR servers

Requirements from Lloyd (email)

The "no change" requirement is almost may need a registry.

Q2 - Update to the GOM

TopicUpdate to GOM and Liaison with TSC  -

In development: HTA Updated ToR

For the GOM.....general procedures regarding HTA needs to be in the do I do X for terminology would not currently have any help in the GOM.

Julie has had a positive response from TSC and hopes to progress this at the WGM.

TopicFHIR Terminology  

ISO Country Codes

Sylvie: DIN (the German ISO mirror organisation) is officially asking ISO about the use of the Country Codes themselves, for particular reference in the IPS.  Hopefully there will be an answer in about 2 weeks.  In HL7 specifications, (most use to date) we just quote examples, so to date this has not been an issue.  There may be a need for discussion at Joint Initiative level.  

"DEA Codes" - user need is to have the "DEA Codes" as terminology.  What should the approach be to create the set of artefacts that can be used adequately in implementation?  Who owns the business need for having this as a code system in the particular domain?  How can HL7 take responsibility for maintaining a code system for this?  HL7 should not.  Actually, these concepts exist in the NCI-T and can be used in messaging.  HTA needs to step in and say "Don't make a new code system - use this".
JMJ will make an update to the Zulip chat re: the NCI-T. - DONE

TopicEndorsement of GPS Set

The HTA agree that the GPS is valuable for use in HL7 specifications; if the value set that is needed in the specification can be derived from the GPS, then yes, use it.

The HTA is not responsible for requests to make changes to the GPS (for IPS that goes through Rob Hausam).

AdjournmentMeeting adjournedAt 21.57 pm BST  
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