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Minutes of Teleconference 2019-07-23 

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TopicAHA Terminology use in HL7 publicationsFollow up; JMJ will undertake tasks needed to get the 3 steps outlined in the last meeting actioned - DONE
TopicCanonical URLs

Rob's email of 20190729:
<<The need for a policy that is rapidly responsive in defining canonical urls for external code systems is something we need to rapidly address before more random decisions on this are made. 

The latest Zulip thread on this, for a USA billing code system - HCPCS - is here:

In addition to defining how to reach out to the TA, we need to address a couple of other issues:

  1. Can we come up with a process, working with FHIR-I, to allow the canonical uri to change over time to address immediate versus long term approaches
  2. A process to determine if the code system has characteristics that means HL7 should have a role in defining the canonical uri because HL7 needs to manage some aspect of the codes independent of the TA. For example the mediaType code system.

What approach do we take when the code system is realm-specific like HCPCS?>>

HTA agrees with the goal (for code system owners to specify their own canonical URL/URI).  BUT should the URI actually resolve to a FHIR terminology service providing the code system rather than just a landing page for information about the code system???

There will need to be a process of 'graceful degradation' from the ideal through the various levels of less than ideal, including addressing when the code system owner objects to various actions.  Also must address licencing and payment issues for the code system.

Also have a tactical task to get the policy through TSC and properly endorsed and implemented, and URL/URI that do not follow the policy should not be referenced in any HL7 product.

Give a whole quarter of the F2F meeting to build this out and have at least something to show to TSC meeting on the Monday night.

TopicFederal Quality Programs

Request for new SNOMED concepts for US Quality Measures because the NLM is not currently accepting requests for new content to the US Extension.

These are using the HQMF (and CQM) specification from HL7 but it is not a balloted specification and is not being developed under the auspices of an HL7 WG/entity.  The HTA must meet the needs of HL7 content that will undergo ballot etc. but not external groups.

We believe the Joint Commission should engage directly with the NLM to get the issue escalated.  The Joint Commission should go directly to SNOMED to get these new concepts (also can contact Rob/Susan for help with that).

TopicUpdate to GOM and Liaison with TSC  - NOT DISCUSSED

In development: HTA Updated ToR

For the GOM.....general procedures regarding HTA needs to be in the do I do X for terminology would not currently have any help in the GOM.

Members on this call were comfortable that JMJ reach out to TSC with the aim of improving dialogue between HTA and TSC and getting better terminology processes "mandated" through TSC.  This might include asking for HTA presence at part of the TSC meeting on the Saturday prior to a WGM.

TopicFHIR Terminology  

FHIR tracker items in H Group for HTA consideration - they are all external code system use requests

We looked at this briefly and most relate to the canonical URL issue.

We need to have the FHIR Tracker Group H review as a regular agenda item.


AdjournmentMeeting adjournedAt 21.40 pm BST
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