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Heather Grain

Global eHealth Collaborative


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SNOMED International


Jean Narcisi

American Dental Association
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Vocabulary Co-chair


Roel Barelds

ICT Group

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Wayne Kubick


Minutes of Teleconference 2019-07-09 

Motion to accept proposed HG and seconded JN.

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Quorum was met (just)

Motion to accept proposed HG and seconded JN.  Carried unanimously

TopicAHA Terminology use in HL7 publicationsFollow up; JMJ will undertake tasks needed to get the 3 steps outlined in the last meeting actioned

Happened last week; not sure if any HTA members were able to attend.

TopicSNOMED CT content request datesEmail sent to co-chairs 22 July 2019
TopicRealm Transferable Standards Specifications project

Any further discussion/notes in the document on the ARB site

No further action required until an updated proposal is received by HTA.

TopicUpdate to GOM and Liaison with TSC  - 

In development: HTA Updated ToR

For the GOM.....general procedures regarding HTA needs to be in the do I do X for terminology would not currently have any help in the GOM.

Members on this call were comfortable that JMJ reach out to TSC with the aim of improving dialogue between HTA and TSC and getting better terminology processes "mandated" through TSC.  This might include asking for HTA presence at part of the TSC meeting on the Saturday prior to a WGM.

TopicIdentification of code systems policy  -

How do we structure the URL for code systems?

We need a policy on the procedure and then the process.  A policy outline was discussed below - this needs to be more fully documented.

  • Provide a mechanism to ask for a code system URL - asking HTA for this
    • does this code system have a canonical URL
      • if yes - what is it?
      • If no - obtain and test the canonical URL, confirming that it is acceptable to the code system owner.   
    • is a FHIR terminology service provided using the canonical URL

Must be in harmony with the external code system management processes we have already

First, we document the process of how to get a canonical URL from a code system that has one

Second, we set up something like a pro forma to request code systems to provide a canonical URL, including why HL7 needs one (and be included on the form to collect external terminology data).  This may need to include guidance to the code system owner about how to establish a canonical URL

We feel, given our understanding of what a canonical URL represents, it is not acceptable for anyone other than the code system owner to issue a canonical URL.

TopicFHIR Terminology  

FHIR tracker items in H Group for HTA consideration - they are all external code system use requests

We looked at this briefly and most relate to the canonical URL issue.

We need to have the FHIR Tracker Group H review as a regular agenda item.


No further news at this time.

AdjournmentMeeting adjournedAt 9.50pm BST
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