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TopicAHA Terminology use in HL7 publications

Rob M reported.

Uniform billing codes associated with AHA are US centric.  These codes are often in a guide where there is an expectation regarding information exchange and billing.  A field was discovered in FHIR associated with the DeVinci project (also US centric) for providers and payers where information typically recorded using a code that would be in a bill.  AHA found this and found that there are examples in HL7 implementation guide which copies the AHA content. 

Issues - policy and procedures needed:

  • how to represent the owner of the content and represent external content appropriately.
    • external terminology - link to the code system owner
    • clearer indication of an example only situation or indication where the external code system is expected to be used (not an example).
  • this is an issue which applies to ALL products in HL7, it is not limited to FHIR.
  • when in a PDF they were difficult to find (effectively hidden) but as a web spec they are highlighted and found with google searches
  • FHIR includes some technological issues that need to be consistently and appropriately handled through the tooling (including UTG capacity)  currently the FHIR spec needs to be manually updated to include accreditations.

Step 1:  establish a policy

  • obtain external terminology licensing and information from AHA (already a policy and process established for this)
    • Rob M to find statement that we have permission
    • Heather - send Wayne the details of what is required for publication of external terminology data for inclusion in the HTA external terminology data.
  • suggestion - that we request the organisation provide a set of codes relevant for examples if needed.

Step 2:  establish a process

  • review our existing policies and procedures

Step 3:  communication strategy

  • Discuss at the TSC what needs to be done to ensure ongoing appropriate processes. (include check points for projects and publication).
  • Request additional use cases to progressively improve coverage and reach.
  • New task for HTA - review the GOM to update organisational procedures to reflect HTA policies and procedures for external terminologies.

Next harmonisation (not this month) will trial the UTG tooling and the the intent is to roll out UTG next year.

TopicSNOMED CT content request datesNew Content Request dates: 

From Jane Millar: <<These will now be 15 March and 15 September each year.  This is not the same as adding existing content to the IPS freeset – that is a managed separately on different timelines, though uses the CRS system with topic HL7 IPS. I will reconfirm the dates for those requests>>

Possible action (to be confirmed by HTA) - to add these dates to the HL7 Calendar

Task:  Julie to send out a reminder to all Co-Chairs - reminding them that they need to make any requests for additional codes, or promotion of codes from national releases.  Any such requests must be received by the HTA by 15th of August, in order to be submitted prior to the 15th September deadline.  Reminder to use the forms already developed and a link to where those forms can be found.

TopicRealm Transferable Standards Specifications project

Any further discussion/notes in the document on the ARB site

No further action required until an updated proposal is received by HTA.

TopicUpdate to GOM and Liaison with TSC  - not discussed

In development: HTA Updated ToR

See membership discussion below - update the GOM and have Rob as our liaison to TSC present it there.

TopicIdentification of code systems policy  - not discussed

How do we structure the URL for code systems?

We need a policy on the procedure and then the process.  A policy outline was discussed below - this needs to be more fully documented.

  • Provide a mechanism to ask for a code system URL - asking HTA for this
    • does this code system have a cannonical URL
      • if yes - what is it?
      • If no - obtain and test the cannonical URL, confirming that it is acceptable to the code system owner.   
    • is a FHIR terminology service provided using the cannonical URL
TopicFHIR Terminology  

FHIR tracker items in H Group for HTA consideration - they are all external code system use requests

not discussed


Wayne Reported


  • Heather, Roel, Jean and Rob terms are up at the end of this year.
  • Wayne will as HQ to send out the call for nominations.    Current members are asked to self nominate and to encourage others to join to meet the skills needed.  Any suggested additions to be communicated to Wayne by email with the potential new member copied in.

GOM Update

  • Wayne suggested that the GOM be reviewed to extend or handle terms in a more functional manner and to consider increasing the number a little if needed to ensure required skills are represented.  
  • GOM review was undertaken but not yet reviewed by TSC
AdjournmentMeeting adjourned4:56 pm New York Time.
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