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TopicRealm Transferable Standards Specifications project

Review and prepare for joint call with ArB

There was a long discussion among participants noting that the document is a bit unclear as to its core purpose.  Is it focusing on

  • what is necessary to use a realm-specific IG in a different realm
  • or is it about the criteria that SHALL be met to be considered a Universal realm IG

The HTA did not see the need to address the former issue, but being more clear about criteria for a universal realm may be useful.

For terminology, it may not acceptable to bind to a particular terminology, even when that is globally applicable - for example a required binding to LOINC because in the UK the NHS might need to use SNOMED CT instead.   

Terminology is not the only situation where misalignment on required aspects may occur.  One possible solution/mechanism would be to allow a universal IG to be cloned for use in a realm that can not align, but that HL7 would ballot and review to "certify" that the realm-specific clone is consistent with the universal.  Finally, HTA would like to clarify at what level the 'universalness' must apply.

Note also the CIMI PSS for Vital Signs in FHIR - not discussed

TopicUpdate to GOM and Liaison with TSC  - not discussed

In development: HTA Updated ToR

TopicIdentification of code systems policy  - not discussed

TopicFHIR Terminology  - not discussed

FHIR tracker items in H Group for HTA consideration - they are all external code system use requests

Likely to be carried forward

Adjourned at 5pm ET
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