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Minutes of TC 2019-04-11 Approval as on Confluence

Approved unanimously

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Management Minutes Approval
TopicSNOMED CT Global Patient Set

Date for the first publication is 1 September 2019 -   

This GPS will include the IPS subset and the DICOM subset and some other subsets.  But there is an issue with translation for non-English speaking use for non-member countries.  Our understanding is that content in the IPS can only be used for the particular purpose that the subset has been created for.

WK is the HL7 contact - we need to know how we as the HTA can promote this....and can the GPS be used more widely in contexts other than (for example) the IPS.  Once we have this clarity, we will post it on our Terminology Portal

Will be updated with each international release (is our understanding)

TopicSNOMED CT Content Request Dates

SNOMED CT requests through CRS are :

-          15 March  (July International release)

-          15 September (January International release)

Using the TSC Calendar to manage this and highlight to co-chairs for these deadlines.

Also applies to additions to the IPS freeset of existing SNOMED CT content as these should be captured in the request tool also, under the topic of HL7IPS 

Need to be clear who is currently authorised to use the CRS on behalf of HL7?

TopicDraft Agenda for the HTA meeting at the next WGM in Montreal

Will stick with having Q4 joint with Vocab as we as our own meeting on Sunday.

Need to sort out remote access for RB to dial in. JMJ to sort out for RB.

TopicSuccession PlanningTo do at WGM
TopicHL7 Terminology Portal

Thanks to Susan and Roel for their work on the terminologies in the Portal.

Genomics terminologies to be added - ST; RadLEX to be added also RB

IDMP terminologies and ATC to be added by JMJ

We will advertise this to the HL7 Community at the WGM

 Adjourned at 9.30pm BST