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Heather Grain

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Heather Grain


Attendee type H - HTA Member

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L - liaison



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Heather Grain

Global eHealth Collaborative



Rob McClure

MD Partners



Sandy Stuart

Kaiser Permanente



Jean Narcisi

American Dental Association



Julie James




Ted Klein

KCI Inc.



Roel Barelds

ICT Group



Jim Case

National Library of Medicine/IHTSDO



Wayne Kubick




Robert Hausam

Vocabulary Co-chair



Jane Millar

SNOMED International



Carol Macumber

Vocabulary Co-Chair


Quorum Requirements Met:    Yes

16:00   Agenda Confirmation


16:05   Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of meeting Cologne 2018 May 13 – Roel’s organization was changed to ICS.

Moved:  Rob McClure that the minutes be accepted, seconded Ted Klein.

16:10 Confluence Issues

Confirm that all members have access to the HTA Space.  Review content on external terminology page.  Confirm access:  external terminology page open to all even without a confluence account.  Ask for anyone who is a confluence user to have access to all HTA pages except meetings which will allow a private space to hold emerging work items.  We can lock pages with sensitive information.

  • Update the Terminology Authority page – to indicate that the information is accessed through the TA Space.  – HG
  • All on the call can now access.
  • Access – everything in our Space is ours
    • HTA is available to all who have HL7 confluence access
    • The external terminologies page is available to anyone – they do not need confluence access
    • HTA Meetings is private to the HTA, Liaisons and Vocab Co-Chairs controlled by HTA.

Heather Grain to get friendlies to check if this is working properly

Heather Grain to check read/write permissions


SNODENT now has a page in the external terminologies information page in confluence.

Additional information is needed:

Full title

Owner:               American Dental Association

Scope of content (semantic space):

Technical Identifiers: 

    • OID -  The OID was added
    • URL - 

Link to information about the code system:  

Licensing information 

    • HL7 users of this information
    • Information current as at: 


URL – Ted has been working on a way to improve URL content publication and will contact the ADA when this process is documented and confirmed.  Finalization expected in Baltimore.

Table 396 -the identification of the code system for ADA current dental terminology codes.  This was replaced by SNODENT and V2 content has not been updated.  This needs to be discussed with ADA and resolved. 

Hold this over till we have Jean on the call.

16:30 SCT Content Request process

Actions:  Process – for review and then forward to TSC?

a)       Make form available through confluence (open to anyone with a confluence login)

b)      Forms to be submitted to: (this list is restricted to the members of the HTA and liaisons),  while the list is open to anyone who signs up to the list server.

c)       Item goes up to an HTA meeting within 10 working days of receipt (this might be done virtually).  HTA members may email their ‘vote’ regarding the acceptability or otherwise of the request – this could be done using Jura or Confluence once the process is tested.

d)      That meeting determines if there are any issues and if approved which member of the HTA will submit the request to SNOMED International.

e)      When submitted the HTA responsible person (designated by HTA) sends a confirmation to the HTA that the submission has been done.

f)        The login details for access to the submission system be available to all HTA members.

g)       The contact details for the HTA access to SNOMED International submission tool be changed to a staff member – Karen (heather to discuss with Karen).

h)      Any communication from SNOMED International regarding such submissions received by the staff member to be sent to the

i)        The responsible person is expected to communicate with the requester (results and questions).

 Heather Grain to prepare this in a document, circulate to the HTA members for any further comments, then forward to the TSC for their review/acceptance.

 16:40  Currency Guidance

Updated version of the document provided – for review


The document was reviewed, and a final version will be prepared by HG and sent to the HTA to confirm.  When confirmed it will be forwarded to the TSC.

Action:  ALL HTA members to review prior to the 7th of June.

16:50 Harmonization

Feedback from Presentation made to co-chairs at WGM May 2018 and report from Harmonization meeting (WGM Thursday Q5)

SNOMED CT Free Subset

The issue of free subset has recurred – Grahame Grieve has been discussing the ability to have free content available in FHIR with SNOMED International.  There are verbal agreements with SNOMED International already that there will be a free subset for some FHIR content.  Grahame has asked for content to include relationships.  Rob H. has indicated that we would ask for the full procedure hierarchy in the free subset.

  • HTA indicated at the meeting that we had rejected such offers as not viable and that the requirements are to be brought to HTA for actioning.
  • HTA is concerned that such agreements are being considered without HTA engagement.
  • HTA is concerned that FHIR understand that we don’t have a problem with initial discussions but when they get to a point where there may be agreement the only entity which can sanctify that agreement is HTA.  Involvement early is likely to reduce conflicts later.
  • HTA is concerned that the agreement to provide a small set of content may allow SNOMED International to say that they are providing such content, while the agreement is so limited that it offers little to HL7 and allows SNOMED International to imply significant support to HL7.

Heather Grain to follow up with Grahame to confirm his understanding and the actions required of HTA and to follow up with Jane.

This topic will be a separate topic on the next agenda.

16:55  Other Business

Next meeting:  7TH of June 2018 – Heather, Sandy and Ted unable to attend.   Quorum will not be achieved.  HG to cancel this call.

Rob M not available on the 21st of June. 

Heather Grain  to check call system to make sure HTA call schedule is recorded properly.

17:00 Adjourn Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 17:00

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