Date:   12 April 2018

Presiding Co-chair:  H. Grain

Minutes Author:  H. Grain

Meeting Coordinates   4pm New York Time (7am Melbourne) (9pm UK) (10pm Europe)

Teleconference Internet Info:


Password: hl7termauth



Attendee type H - HTA Member

O - observer

L - liaison



P - present

A - Apologies

N - not present without apologies





Heather Grain

Global eHealth Collaborative



Rob McClure

MD Partners



Sandy Stuart

Kaiser Permanente



Jean Narcisi

American Dental Association



Julie James




Ted Klein

KCI Inc.



Roel Barelds

HL7 Netherlands



Jim Case

National Library of Medicine/IHTSDO



Wayne Kubick


Quorum (3) met -   


1   Minutes WG Meeting and 2018 03 01

Minutes approval Rob M/ Julie: 5/1/0

2    Policy on Currency - review document 

Started to review. Stopped at early part of document. Needs further work

3 SNODENT - Jean - Jean not here

The TSC has been asked to approve a PSS for CDA Orthodontic Attachments. The PSS identified the following:

 Careful coordination with the ADA – we will likely need a letter from them allowing us to publish value sets comprised of SNODENT codes within the guide.

 The TSC is asking if HL7 does need some sort of special letter or licensing agreement to use SNODENT value sets in an HL7 Implementation Guide? If so, what are the next steps to get this resolved.

The TSC has tabled approving this PSS until this question s resolved.

4 HTA OID guidance  - Ted
Ted's request for HTA policy on OID creation. OIDs are being created using the HL7 OID tool improperly. Not only terminology.

Decision: Ted agrees this should be brought up at SGB as a Vocab WG issue.

5  Harmonisation report 

Heather attended for HTA.

Content from CDC - harmonisation had content sourced from CDC. Three external CDC value sets using CDC code systems were cited in a V2 and CDA IG.

Are there any known issues for this from a licensing perspective for our use.  HG has checked CDC guidelines for use and they do not mention licensing.  

CDC people on harmonization stated that there is no CDC licensing requirement for those under consideration.

This may identify that HTA have a set of information needed for any code system HL7 does not currently use.

6 HTA Tutorial status - Heather

No feedback received,  Heather to develop the presentation for discussion with HTA.  It will also be shared with SNOMED international for their review after our review.

Heather has tutorial on the schedule for Cologne.

7  HTA Web presence and Confluence - Heather

Space is now set.

7:  Other Business

Next call:  Face to Face in Cologne -
WGM: SCT additions - need to address process. In the mean time a page has been created to document approach.
Next call: Wayne: TSC wants an update on what HTA does for presentation to TSC and also for co-chairs dinner at WGM.

Discussion items


Decision items


Action items

  • Heather Grain Create a document upload child page to the HTA page
  • Heather Grain add the Policy document to the doc page
  • Everyone: add new versions of the policy doc with modifications.
  • Rob McClure edit the SCT NCR page
  • Heather Grain Do we need a addition to the policy document describing the set of information needed based on a proposed use for any external code system HL7 does not currently use?
  • Heather Grain Need to set up Cologne agenda. Sunday Q2, maybe Q3. Heather to ask for a room for Q3


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