Date: 2018 03 01  4pm Eastern

Presiding Co-chair:    Heather Grain

Minutes Author:          Heather Grain

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Heather Grain

Global eHealth Collaborative



Rob McClure

MD Partners



Sandy Stuart

Kaiser Permanente



Jean Narcisi

American Dental Association



Julie James




Ted Klein

KCI Inc.


Roel Barelds

HL7 Netherlands



Jim Case

National Library of Medicine/IHTSDO



Wayne Kubick


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1   Minutes WG Meeting and 2018 02 14

2   Policy on Currency - review document 

3  HTA to prepare documentation which clarifies - Technical requirements of our standards require specific identifier attributes such as uri's. HL7 has to create OIDs for many of these code systems. There are many authoring bodies may have no idea about these requirements and HL7 creates a HL7 name for these products 

Documentation on the method of resolution has been prepared through FHIR.  Ted has not been able to get hold of ISO country code representatives to discuss some issues which have arisen, but these are currently considered to be edge cases and are not being followed up until they present an actual problem.  Contact Ted for further information if needed.

4  Harmonisation report - Ted

     Review of ASTM code system request for security

Proposals received from Security have been reviewed so that the additional codes required are considered HL7 codes not ASTM codes.  The specification has OIDS as concept identifiers.  This may create difficulties.  This content discussion will occur there and may be referred to HTA if needed.  It is not recommended that OIDs be used in this way.

No further action is necessary on the specific request from security.

4  Tutorial status - Heather

No feedback received,  Heather to develop the presentation for discussion with HTA.  It will also be shared with SNOMED international for their review after our review.

5  Value Set Defintion project report - Rob M

Rob Hausam is currently reviewing this document.  Content revisions are complete, Heather has previously done a review of terms and definitions.  Some changes were comments with regard to the name of the element -   The precise name of the data element should be e.g. document name - data element name.  this allows precise name to be the full class name attribute - the full context name associated with the structure be used in the document.

It is not expected that the HTA will need to update or provide assistance as a result of the project revisions.  This item does not need to be actively reviewed by the HTA.

6  HTA Web presence and Confluence - Heather

HTA have a space in confluence - the move of content to that space will be done in one hit and all members notified of the change when it occurs.

7:  Other Business

Next Call - apologies - Ted and Jean will both be on ISO Call.  Rob M can also not make the call.  Heather to cancel the next call.

Discussion items

Communication StrategyHeather
  • Present at Co-chairs meeting
  • Present tutorial for HTA at Cologne - it will be a morning free session.
 Requests for ContentJim Case

The last day of editing for SNOMED next release is usually around mid March and the other is mid September - Jim will confirm the actual dates.

Include these dates in the Tutorial and in the Co-Chair presentations - Heather

 Policy on Currencyheather

Reviewed and document updated.

Heather to circulate to members and to the TSC for their incorporation into working group procedures.

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