This page gives HL7 Working Groups guidance on the preparation of a request submission to the HL7 Terminology Authority for content changes in international terminologies  e.g. the International Edition of SNOMED CT, LOINC or other code system content.

This process is restricted to the creation of requests for new content and content changes for International Code Systems (such as SNOMED CT) required for HL7 international standards.

Each request must provide general information plus concept-specific information based upon the type of content request.  Each type is in a different section below.  Content requests may be:

  • Addition – new content for the terminology or classification
  • Promotion – taking content from local or national terminology extensions of the terminology (such as SNOMED CT) and promoting or making that content available in the international release of the terminology
  • Modification or change – including retirement or deprecation


1:  Determine your needs

2:  Submit the external content addition or amendment form to the HTA, who will provide guidance.

  • HTA will review content and get back to you if there are any concern - this could be a cyclic process.

3:  The approved form with HTA approval can then be submitted with your harmonisation proposal.

 Content Request Form Here

Complete the form as soon as possible, as it can take time to get changes made to external terminologies DO NOT wait till your harmonization proposal to submit these requests.  Complete the form and submit to as early in your process as possible.

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  1. Hi Julie James .  I'm working on the CodeX Accelerator and we have some concepts to submit to SNOMED. Would you please confirm that we request the additions in the US Edition first (via the US CRS Guidance, and then request that they be promoted to International via the Content Request Form linked from here, or is it possible to submit new concepts (not existing in US nor International editions) with the HTA request form?    

  2. For Code X Accelerator, which I assume is US Realm, then yes, please via the US CRS Guidance.  Please see the HTA Minutes here where we worked this all out with Suzy Teleconference 2020-03-04 The process should now be working (smile)

  3. Thanks Julie James    If the new concepts are not specific to the US Realm, do you suggest we submit via HTA?  We are working with radiation oncology modality and technique concepts. 

  4. Even if the concepts will likely have international applicability, they should go through the US route and then be requested for promotion, please.  It's also hopefully likely to be the quickest route (smile)