Terminology owner/maintenance organisation

Name, contact details, website

National Cancer Institute Enterprise Vocabulary Services

Telephone: 240-276-5541 or Toll-Free: 1-888-478-4423
Email: NCIAppSupport@nih.gov

Formal name of the code system

National Cancer Institute Thesaurus

Short name or abbreviation of the code system name

Technical identifier/s for the code system 

OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.
Canonical URL: http://ncicb.nci.nih.gov/xml/owl/EVS/Thesaurus.owl

Non-Preferred: http://ncithesaurus-stage.nci.nih.gov


Scope/domain statement for the code system

(Official or from HTA)

NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) provides reference terminology for many NCI and other systems. It covers vocabulary for clinical care, translational and basic research, and public information and administrative activities.

NCIt is a widely recognized standard for biomedical coding and reference, used by a broad variety of public and private partners both nationally and internationally including the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Terminology (CDISC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Medication Terminologies (FMT), and the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP).

Link to information about the code system - including how to obtain the content

https://ncithesaurus.nci.nih.gov/ncitbrowser/ - the browser

To obtain content, use the canonical URL above

Arrangement or agreements with HL7 for use of content

US government funded - content free to use by all 
Version management - timing and identification of versionsVersions are dated (monthly release)

IP Information and Licensing Information

US government funded - content free to use by all 

HL7 users of this information - which HL7 products use this link (if known)

Various, including SPL

Process to request content change

Use the Term Suggestion feature on the Quick Links pull down on the NCI Thesaurus browser.

Other useful Information

A Metathesaurus (NCIm) is also available National Cancer Institute Metathesaurus (NCI-m)

Information current as at (date)

May 2020
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  1. Julie James Hi Julie. The canonical url for this code system on THO is http://ncithesaurus-stage.nci.nih.gov.  Should I enter a UTG ticket to update THO to the value on this page.  

    I realize Julie created this page, however do any other HTA members have information about this code system that could help resolve the issue? Caroline Macumber Reuben Daniels Davera Gabriel Susan Matney Sylvia Thun Roel Barelds


  2. Hi Carmela,
    Sorry for the late reaction.
    i'll bring it in in the HTA. If we have any questions regarding the canonical url we'll get back to you.
    Roel Barelds

  3. Hello Carmela A. Couderc

    Thank-you for reaching out.  Last Friday I met with Gilberto Fragoso of the NCI to discuss our request.  In August 2020, Rob McClurewas good enough to meet with Mr Fragoso and others in his group at the NCI to explain the request for a different url in the HTA records.  The following is an eMail follow-up to that meeting


    From: Davera Gabriel
    Sent: Monday, August 24, 2020 3:16 PM
    To: 'De Coronado, Sherri (NIH/NCI) [E]' <decorons@mail.nih.gov>; Remennik, Lyubov (NIH/NCI) [E] <lyubov.remennik@nih.gov>; 'Fragoso, Gilberto (NIH/NCI) [E]' <fragosog@mail.nih.gov>; 'Robert McClure MD' <rmcclure@mdpartners.com>
    Cc: Christopher Chute <chute@jhu.edu>; 'Melissa Haendel' <melissa@tislab.org>; Harold Solbrig <solbrig@jhu.edu>; Dazhi Jiao <djiao@jhu.edu>; jhu-informatics-team@googlegroups.com
    Subject: RE: NCIt and NCIm content references in HL7

    Hello Sherri, Gilberto and Lyubov:

    Thank-you for a very productive meeting today! And thank-you again, Rob McClure for efficiently framing our discussion. As promised, the attached is a pdf version of the current NCIm page hosted by the HL7 Terminology Authority (HTA) for your review.  The following are items for additional follow-up based on our discussion today:

    • NCI team will update NCIt and NCIm records in the HL7 OID registry
      1. Changing system “owner” to Gilberto reflecting Sherri’s pending departure
    • NCI team will review the attached document and create a version reflecting the NCIt, including
      1. Changing the reference (canonical) url to a page with no extension
      2. Addition of the copyright verbiage (short-version) in the table
    • Let Davera know ( or reply to this eMail) when items 1&2 above are completed, so Davera can update the HTA records

    In addition, and the longer-term it would be worthwhile to explore:

    • Canonical, base urls that are descriptive such as: https://ncit.nci.nih.gov/ncitbrowser/
    • Utilization of PERL for NCI canonical urls
    • Developing urls that resolve to individual concepts in the NCIt (in addition to the landing page referenced above)
    • … FDA & other subsets under development
    • Provide NCI content via a FHIR server (possibly leveraging efforts underway for CCDH etc)
    • Explore NCI / CCDH(?) use of STATO to explore a similar approach:  canonical url & HTA reference page

    Please let me know what I may have missed or where I may have recorded this incorrectly. I am happy to assist in this process in any way I can – please do not hesitate to ask!



    Davera Gabriel, RN

    Senior Research Terminologist

    Johns Hopkins University

    Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

    2024 E Monument St, Suite I-200

    Baltimore, MD 21287

    +1 (530) 723-8356  davera@jhu.edu

  4. In the meeting this past Friday (12Mar21) Mr Fragoso explained that the NCI had deliberated HL7's request, but had some difficulty changing the url due to dependencies in legacy NCI systems dating back as much as 2 decades.  Therefore, they devised a solution they felt would fit both the HL7 request and their own operations.  They have implemented a redirect for calls to the url above (http://ncicb.nci.nih.gov/xml/owl/EVS/Thesaurus.owl) with a MIME type of html to land here (https://ncit.nci.nih.gov/ncitbrowser/)  Further, he demonstrated that via this mechanism a "slash vs hash" mechanism was available which permitted appending a forward slash(+ the NCIT code) in the url to drive to the NCIT entry for that code (e,g,: http://ncicb.nci.nih.gov/xml/owl/EVS/Thesaurus.owl/C1234)

  5. One last detail to note is Mr Fragoso indicated they had recently updated their OID registry records for both the NCI-T & NCI-M

  6. Reading the above my understanding is that:

    Can this be clarified and resolved (ie. aligned), please? Thank you.