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Code System Owner

NameWolters Kluwer
Email address
Phone number+1 855-633-0577
Code System Maintainer (Steward)Name
Email address
Phone number
Code System PublisherName
Email address
Phone number
Code System NamesFormal name of the code systemMedi-Span Electronic Drug File
Short name of the code systemMED-File
Code System Technical IdentifiersHTA-endorsed URI http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/mdd
HTA-endorsed OID
Other URIs
Other OIDs
Case Sensitive Codes (TRUE/FALSE)TRUE (default value)
Code System InformationLinkhttps://www.wolterskluwer.com/en/solutions/medi-span
Notes"This foundational drug database is the basis for all other Medi-Span content and provides a codified drug dictionary, drug vocabulary, and drug pricing for prescription drugs and medication-based over-the-counter products in the United States.
  • For hospitals, retail pharmacies, payers and drug manufacturers, this database:
    • Provides information to support medication prescribing, medication profiling, clinical screening, pricing research and more
    • Simplifies the process of generic product substitutions
    • Helps increase efficiency by providing quick access to pricing information
  • Flexible options of MED-File are available to meet needs. Options include:
    • Basic:
      • Product names, dose form, route of administration, strength, ingredients
      • Proprietary drug identifiers, including Generic Product Identifier (GPI), Drug Descriptor Identifier (DDID), and Generic Product Packaging Code (GPPC)
      • Data Definition Language (DDL) to facilitate table creation during development
    • Clinical:
      • Basic elements, plus drug name concepts at multiple levels of specificity to support clinicians at different stages in their workflow and detailed ingredient level data
    • Pricing:
      • Basic elements, plus unit and package pricing for multiple drug price types including Average Wholesale Price (AWP), Wholesale Acquisition Price (WAC), Direct Price (DP), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Federal Upper Limit (CMS FUL), Average Average Wholesale Price (AAWP), Generic Equivalent Average Price (GEAP)
    • Complete:
      • A combination of all the elements from the basic, clinical, and pricing options"
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Code System Copyright, Intellectual Property and LicensingCopyright Statement
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Licensing InformationRequires licensure
HTA endorsement status (Draft, In review, Endorsed for use, Pending re-endorsement, Retired) ValueIn Review
Assignment date20221027
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