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Code System Owner

NameInternational Electrotechnical Commission

Email addresssecretariat@iecee.org
Phone number+41 22 919 02 11
Address3 rue de Varembé, PO Box 131, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
Code System Maintainer (Steward)Name
Email address
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Code System PublisherName
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Code System NamesFormal name of the code system

IEC 61966-2-1: Colour measurement and management - Part 2-1: Colour management - Default RGB colour space - sRGB

Short name of the code systemIECColourManagement
Code System Technical IdentifiersHTA-endorsed URIhttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/IECColourManagement
HTA-endorsed OID
Other URIs
Other OIDs
Code System InformationLinkhttps://webstore.iec.ch/publication/6168
NotesIEC 61966-2-1:1999 is the official specification of sRGB. It provides viewing environment, encoding, and colorimetric details.
Arrangement or agreements with HL7 for use of content
Version management
Versioned according to IEC standard development processes
Code System Copyright, Intellectual Property and LicensingCopyright Statement

"All IEC Publications are protected by the publisher's copyright and no part of any IEC Publication can be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means (graphic, electronic or mechanical including photocopying) without the written permission of the publisher (please see Copyright on IEC Standards in Database Format). For standards using code components, please see the code components EULA."

For more information, see https://www.iec.ch/copyright

Copyright Information
Intellectual Property Information
Licensing Information
HTA endorsement status (Draft, In review, Endorsed for use, Pending re-endorsement, Retired) ValueApproved for Production Use
Assignment date2022-01-13
HTA review statusLast review date2022-01-13
Next review date2023-01-13
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