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Human Genome Variation Society (HGVS)

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Sequence Variant Nomenclature

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OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.6.282
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Genomic variations - HGCS-nomenclature is used to report and exchange information regarding variants found in DNA, RNA and protein sequences.

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HGVS nomenclature can be used with the HL7 coded data type (code data type that accepts expression data, or a coded expression data type). This coded data type should be able to distinguish expressions in HGVS nomenclature from coded concepts. For example, in the HL7 messages specified according to the HL7 V2 Clinical Genomics Fully LOINC-Qualified Genetic Variation Model, HGVS nomenclature can be used to as the observation values for DNA sequence variations. For example, OBX|1|CWE|48004-6^DNA Sequence Variation^LN||c.1129C>T^^HGVS|

Version management - timing and identification of versionshttps://varnomen.hgvs.org/versioning/

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HGVS nomenclatures can be used freely by the public.

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E-mail VarNomen@HGVS.org

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  1. Hi Julie James Is there a canonical url available for this code system? 

  2. Hi Carmela A. Couderc- this might be one that Davera Gabrielshould look at as I think it's in her domain area.  I haven't reached out to HGVS....if we have any contacts there, it would be good to leverage those (smile)

  3. Thanks Julie Jamesand Davera Gabriel.  My colleagues suggested contacting the co-chairs of the Genomics Work Group to see if they have any contacts at HGVS. Patrick Werner, Bob Milius, Robert Freimuth, James Jones, Kevin Power or Mullai Murugan.  Joel Schneider and Patrick Werner have been leading the work with HGVS. 

  4. I am working with the Phenopackets group on MONDO & HPO code systems at this time. I'm happy to make inquiries.