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   General Introduction

   Reviewed Strategy

Q4 SOA Reports

Chair: Vince

Sec: Jerry

Security -

   Mike reporting - PAS Audit. Document Comments need to be integrated.

   Also Security is in the process of reconciling Trust Framework

   New standard in Providence launching



  CDS Hooks - Still finishing up up comments hoping for completion by end of year

  DSS IG - STU renewed - Update to project info appears to be required



  RLUS needs reaffirmation (Moved Stefano, Second Jerry) - Passed without objection

  IS (IXS)[Identity Service] needs reaffirmation (Moved Stefano, Second Jerry)  - Passed without objection

  hData - Talk with FHIR?  

      Action Speak to Mark - Ken Lord

      Acrion FHIR - Vincent

  Discussion of the Healthcare Services Market Place

  Cross Paradigm Interop - Politics (Have addressed issues with colab, domains CBCP and Security)

  Service reference architecture - PSS going to vote tonight.

  Validated Healthcare Directory Service - Project in motions.

  Integrated Information Models and Tools (IIM&T) - Progressing

  Cloud planning guide - Discuss with Ken Publish as is.

  Order Service - Work processing at OMG and independent FHIR catalog implementation - Extend STU on Order Service (Check with Lorranine)

  Care Coordination Service stalled hear and OMG

  Medication Statement Service - In paperwork

  Unified Communication Service - Paperwork stalled - Jerry to deal with

  Publish and Subscribe Service - Paperwork stalled - Jerry to deal with




   Review and Editting of Cross Paradigm PSS

   Vote to accept updated PSS and submit for eVote to Steering Division - Moved Ken Lord, Seconded Vince McCauley. Passed unanimously with no objections or abstentions



   Review Order Service Status

   Review Cloud planning guide & Survey



   Review and Edit of Health Services Marketplace.

   ITS wants it to change to US Relm, International partner found (Telstra Health)



   Health Service Reference Architecture working session

   New work group call set to 4:30PM Eastern on Thursdays (USA)

   Initives for reference architecture: Opengroup, HSPC, HL7, OMG

   Reviewed current ERSA diagram

   Agreed modifications – PHR/EHR replaced by Health Information Management

   Then where does EHR move to? – suggestion: application layer? => Data layer

   Added Cross paradigm transformation and marketplace service

   Discussion of other SDO approaches to a Health Reference Architecture – HSPC, OMG, Open Group – Health Enterprise Reference Model.

   Can we harmonise these?

   VA would like these to be similar – they are pulling a first draft together and will provide as a guide when a little more mature.

   Review of VA current nascent approach – will being this back to SOA when more mature



     No meeting


     Updated mission and charter

     Withdraw of hData paperwork


      Vote on mission and charter - Voted to approve without objection. Moved by Jerry, Seconded by Stefano.

      Updated conference call info.

      RLUS PSS sent

      Need joint meeting with ARB for reference architecture

      Need joint meeting/rep for cross Paradigm model transformation service.

      Need joint with ITS for Health service marketplace 

      Room requests pending Ken PSs.





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