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Monday Q3

General discussion of current directions

Proposal to change name and/or scope to encompass Health platform

Monday Q4

Market place

Reference Implementation – Apache Open source:

Added digital rights management, multiple licence terms, entitlement management, licence management.

Funding opportunities with HHS?

Recommending a marketplace for CDS products – possibly to be hosted by HHS

Possible national curation network to govern endorsement and availability.

Ballot – 13 negatives to be resolved (only 2 distinct negative comments). Resolve Tuesday, get negatives withdrawn and publish

Licensing discussion between Logica and HL7 is ongoing ?Apache 2 or CC0 licence

Implementation guides – possible standards specific metadata structures for indexing/search.

Model Based Transformation Service (MBTS)

Have a number of vendors looking at refence implementations. Developing story boards.

Working on CDA to FHIR as well as HL7 to FHIR. CDA mood codes are under discussion as to how they should be translated e.g. for medications.

V2 ó FHIR work – cooperating closely with O+O project. Segment mappings are ongoing – for comment ballot next cycle (Jan 2020) on segment mappings.

Draft functional spec. has been circulated on the SOA list. Discussion Wednesday Q2.

On-track to ballot STU Jan 2020. Will engage with Conformance this WGM.

Healthcare Service Reference Architecture

Service catalogue is nearly complete – 1 month work left

Next step – work on Architecture patterns, mapping standards to use cases.

Plan regular dedicated call with alternating calls Australia/USA friendly. For comment ballot Jan 2020.

Order Service

No funding at present. Catalogue part is going forward as part of FHIR.

No progress since last meeting

MDMI 2.0

OMG – computable definition of what a concept means in OWL using concept definition from IEEE 11179. Will link to an HL7 reference model – Analysis Normal Form (ANF) being balloted by CIMI


OMG managed Community (of practice) launch next week (OMG Nashville) with multiple companies as founders.

Standards will be published primarily at OMG.

Endorsed by HIMMS, HSPC, HL7, HRQ

Four sub-communities  - Authoring (Clinical colleges ), Provider adopters, Software Vendors, Methodologists. BPM+ meeting planned in conjunction with Sydney HL7 meeting. JPMM, Redhat have runtime capability to implement standards based BPM+ guidelines. 100 guidelines already developed (O+G, ED). Process is improving the guidelines by using in simulations.

CDS Hooks - Isaac Vetter

CDS Hooks update:

The primary topics are:

  1. CDS Hooks Connectathon report-out
  2. 2019 Argonaut project is working on the PAMA use-case and creating the related SMART Web Messaging
  3. A lot of work continues to go into
  4. CDS has approved an STU Update to add the patient-view hook on
  5. Planning a potential CDS Hooks 1.1 for ballot around Sept, 2020.

Tuesday Q1 BPM+

American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology (ACOG) as well as Emergency physicians are on-board

Meeting next week for Community launch – Specialist colleges developing guidelines.

Styleguide for clinical pathways is available – download

BPMN – workflow

CPMM – event driven

DMN – truth table logic

Fieldguide = Styleguide – describes how everything fits together. Now V2 – ask Ken to send next week. Use Styleguide to produce a clinical pathway = health practice pattern.

Trisotech models and generates a serial model, Perspecta links to data sources Ken Lord is putting this together as a demo next week.

Demo of Trisotech tooling incorporating BPMN, CPMN and DMN

Tuesday Q2

Joint with ITS – Report on Marketplace and MBTS

Marketplace – update in STU – additional licencing capabilities based om roles, usage (100 times execution) etc.

Comments –

?licensing based on data usage. This could be implemented by mandatory callback to marketplace on startup which could also check for usage outside of scope. Will make this more obvious in the specification

Also needs statement on privacy. – Preston to implement as these comments were supposed to go in the ballot.

Audit trails – Ballot comment on this area will recommend a set of possible standards to be implemented for this but implementations should use at least one.

Business process logging would be handled by the runtime system

Demo of reference implementation

This will be referenced as part of the STU publication process.


Have draft SFM specification – presented

Discussion: SFM guide will act as quality control requirements

Web publishing will not be required.

No other issues raised by ITS.

Meet again in Sydney Q2 Wednesday – agenda MBTS and HSRA

Tuesday Q3

Health Services Platform Marketplace ballot reconciliation

Motion to pass proposed distribution of comments for Marketplace 2 STU 1 (Project #1436) and post to ballot desktop:

Proposed PL second: LC  Vote 4/0/0

Reconciliation spreadsheet posted (VM)

Request withdraw of negatives – email sent. 1 vote withdrawn => Ballot passed.

Motion: Approve publication request for Marketplace 2 STU2 Project #

Proposed LC, Second SL  Vote: 4/0/0

Tuesday Q4 HL7 Service Reference Architecture (HSRA)

HSRA consists of:

  1. service inventory
  2. Architectural pattern catalogue
  3. Methods for enterprise discovery and orchestration (guideline)

Using Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) - an OMG standard in MagicDraw.

Top level – Business Functions

Central – Composite services

Enabling Services

Supporting functionality

Is Cohort Management to be included as one of the components?

Cohort Management Service – Old specification from BRIDG. Sean Muir to review – files to be provided by KR

SL will provide a set of PDFs of the draft model

SL to load Model to HL7 SOA GitHub repository

LC to organise a TC with ArB in 4 weeks – 5PM on Thursdays.

VM to submit NIBs

Motion: Approve informative NIB for HSRA in the Jan 2020 ballot cycle:

Proposed LC Second : Vote: 9/0/0

Motion: Approve STU NIB for MBTS in the Jan 2020 ballot cycle:

Proposed KL Second :  SL   Vote: 9/0/0

Wednesday Q1

Hot Topics

  1. Name Change – proposals to be discussed further during week. Need to reflect how existing specifications can be useful by other HL7 Communities
  2. Re-engage with FHIR at the Sydney meeting to harmonise how FHIR could be harmonised with the HSRA

Wednesday Q2

Deep dive on MBTS

Review of overview diagram – source file => input source

Target file => target output

Add audit service

Review of Service functional interface – distinguish between Log and audit

Pre-condition – add setup of input model to output model associations via Administration interface

?Add interface to query what models/profileIDs are supported by the service

Wednesday Q4

Planning for Sydney

Lorraine Constable and Preston Lee have agreed to be considered as candidates for acting Co-Chairs for the Sydney WGM

Motion: Elect Lorraine Constable and Preston as SOA acting co-chairs for the Sydney WGM in February 2020

Proposed: Sean Second: ML  Vote: 4/0/0

Confirmed plan for joint meeting with FHIR to align harmonise HSRA and MBTS with related FHIR areas.

WG Name change

Discussion of proposal to change SOA WG scope and name to better reflect recent work on Service and Enterprise platforms and make clearer how the work we undertake with other committees to build clinical information patterns that are generally usable by FHIR and other communities even though we publish them formally as SFMs.

Some proposed Names:

  • Clinical Service Architecture (CSA)
  • Clinical Information Architecture (CIA)
  • Services, Platforms and Architecture (SPA)
  • Architecture for Services and Platforms (ASP)
  • Clinical Service Architecture and Platforms (CSAP)
  • Clinical Service Information Architecture (CSIA)
  • Clinical Patterns, Architecture and Platforms (CPAP)
  • Clinical Information Patterns, Architecture and Platforms (CIPAP)
  • Health Information Patterns, Architecture and Platforms (HIPAP)
  • Health Information Patterns, Platforms and Architecture (HIPPA)

Further discussion to continue on the SOA weekly all-hands call.

SOA call will change to use FreeCOnferenceCall - VM to set up call sequence for Tuesday 4:30PM Eastern

Minutes Approved as Presented 


Action items