Date: May 9, 2023

Quarter: Q3

  1. Health Services platform Marketplace release 2 project (#1436) - ready for publication. Jerry to take the publication request forward
  2.  Model driven cross paradigm transformation - Ken Lord No comments on DSTU. No resources to take forward to Normative. Motion to archive the model driven transformation DSTU (project #1420) - proposed VM, seconded KL. Vote: 3/0/0
  3. Care Coordination Service project #924 - currently sponsored by Patient Care but SOA has agreed to take this project over. Ken Lord is interested in taking this forward via a FHIR implementation. jg to ask Claude Nanjo if Cognitive Systems
  4. Decision support (Project #) - CDS Working group are planning to withdraw this standard. in the belief it is replaced by CDS hooks. There was consensus that this standard should be maintained and that the SOA committee would be willing to take over and manage this specification. - this will need to be validated with the CDS WG. @vm to coordinate with the CDS WG

5. HSRA Ballot reconciliation - Stefano Lotti 

Balloted Sept 2022 - 9 comments received.

Proposed resolutions prepared by sl.

Proposed resolutions were presented for 9 comments received. All have been resolved. Motion: Accept comment resolutions as presented proposed SL, second VM

Vote: 3/0/0 Carried.

Next steps - SL to put comments into JIRA, SL to request withdrawal of negative. 

Motion: JG - Proposed motion for publication of the HSRA project. as STU 3/0/0

SL to action publication request.


Discussion of proposed new SOA scope and name

document revised see SOA scope revision rationale V2

Possible names:

Functional capability Coordination

Pattern Behaviour capability
Actors agents and actions
Coordination communication control and integration

Capability Coordination patterns
Models architectures and Patterns
Orchestration, implementation

capability Orchestration and Implementation

capability orchestration and patterns

Discussion to be continued Q3 Wednesday

Date: May 10


Further discussion of scope with ITS rep. (Paul Knapp) - some minor edits to document for readability and agreement that

Capability Orchestration and Implementation (COI) best encapsulates the intended future work area.

Presentation by Ron Parker of the current update to the VA iVA Blueprint 


Joint with BPM+

SOA Scope and name

Discussion of potential WG revised scope in the BPM+ context see updated rational document

Possible move from an acronym to a tag line

Further discussion tomorrow


Plan for BPM+ stream at September meeting

Possible use cases from VA - Veteran suicide and/or Referral - possible liaison with existing referral stream (Sarah Gaunt)

FHIR Care plan definition could form the core of this- set of associated actions including an expression which results in an activity can provide a dynamic process.

Discussion to be continued tomorrow.

Date: May 11 - BPM+


Ken Rubin - Welcome and introductions.

Attendance on the SOA Confluenece WGM page

KR - Presentation of  BPM+ structure and process - see slides.


Joel Gruenberg - demonstration of MELD FHIR sandbox from the Interoperability Institute

   Import/export of sandbox - support R2-R4 FHIR data sandboxes for synthetic data. R5 is coming.

   register SMART on FHIR Apps

  implements the ONC LEAP computable consent service developed by SOA

Can load FHIR profiles and check that synthetic data validates against the profile

The MELD group is interested in next steps to help integration with BPM+

Can call into the sandbox (RESTful) from an external application

There is also a BPM+ reference implementation sandbox which can be stood up by  emailing

Currently requesting what functionality would be helpful in a BPM+ sandbox- see brainstorm mind map.


BPM+/HL7 Connectathon planning for the September 2023 Connectathon

SOA/BPM+ cooperation

Define where BPM+ fits in the Health service reference architecture

Cooperation with the Ordering service and BPM+ has already been agreed.

Help define the intersections between BPM+ and FHIR Plan definition resource/workflow

Identify representatives to liaise between the two groups on calls between WGMs

Establish one-off agenda and Connectathon planning group with shared SOA sessions in Phoenix

Clinical Guideline implementation - suicide prevention/referral.

Goals - shine a light on FHIR resources e.g. Plan definition vs BPM+ artifacts.

Need to identify track lead, resource commits - e.g. SMILE, OPTUM and clinicians + modellers ?VA

OPTUM will look at Digital therapeutic Applications. Interoperability institute to provide an execution sandbox

Need to establish a Zulip stream. First Connectathon planning meeting May 22?

Working notes:

Plan SOA for September (Phoenix)  Monday Q4, Tues+ Wed Q1-Q4

Minutes Approved as Presented 

tThis is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items


Action items