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Attending WGM

Sun Q0

Sun Q1

Sun Q2

Sun Q3

Sun Q4

Sun Q5

Mon Q0

Mon Q1

Mon Q2

Mon Q3

Mon Q4

Mon Q5

Tues Q0

Tues Q1

Tues Q2

Tues Q3

Tues Q4

Tues Q5

Wed Q0

Wed Q1

Wed Q2

Wed Q3

Wed Q4

Wed Q5

Thurs Q0

Thurs Q1

Thurs Q2

Thurs Q3

Thurs Q4

Thurs Q5

Fri Q0

Fri Q1

Fri Q2

Fri Q3

Fri Q4

_Initalize Quarters X X X X X X X X X X
Andy Stechishin CANA Software X X
Brian Pech KP X X
Kathy Pickering Cerner Corporation X X
Ken Lord Veterans' Affairs X X X X X X
Ken Rubin [US] Veterans Health Administration X X X X X X X
Lauren Urke Flatiron Health X X
Linda Paristen Canada Health INfoway X
Lorraine Constable Constable Consulting X X
Matt Lord VA X X X X X
Paul Knapp Knapp Consulting Inc. X X
Preston Lee Veterans' Affairs X X X
Robert Worden X X
Sean Muir VHA X X
Stefano Lotti HL7 Italy X X X X X X X X X X
Vince McCauley Telstra Health X X X X X X X X X X X