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The Health Services Platform (HL7HSP) Marketplace addresses the problem of exchanging backend service implementations in a vendor-neutral manner, which is necessary to exchange executable artifacts interoperably to plug-n-play across SOAs. In broad strokes, it is the server-side equivalent of SMART-on-FHIR (SoF), as SoF only concerns client-side app integration and also does not address client-side deployment requirements of web applications, not uncommon in health IT (HIT) enterprise. The design principles are inspired by the business processes that made other computing ecosystems, such as the (all proprietary) Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores successful. This allows:

  • HIT orgs to search for new services across *all* participating vendors, and deploy them in a 100% automated fashion into on-prem, cloud, and/or hybrid infrastructure, using 1 or more Marketplace instances in any public/private combination.
  • Developers to directly submit new (and update existing) service builds.
  • Marketplace operators to curate, review, and publish vendor submissions.
  • Compliance validators to automate certification activities.

All parties to optionally authenticate with existing SSO credentials needed for SoF apps/architectures.

Project Facilitators

Preston Lee, Vincent McCauley

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Informative Ballot

2019 Jan

STU Ballot

2019 Sep

Release 2 STU Ballot2022 Jan

Normative Ballot

2025 May

Project End Date (all objectives have been met)

2025 Sep

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