1. Published Name of the Standard for which request is being made

Health Services Platform (HSP) Marketplace, Release

2. Standards Material/Document


3. Date of Request

May 12, 2023

4. Use Period

Two Years

5. Reason for extension, timeline, and actions

6. Original Publication Date

7. End date of the current STU period

8. Length of the requested extension

9. Review Process

10. HL7 Work Group making this request and date


10a. Requesting WG Date

May 10, 2023

11. URL of approval minutes


12. HL7 Product Management Group

12a. Management Group Date of Approval

13. URL of approval minutes

14. Is the artifact ready for final publication?


15. If not ready, please describe remaining steps.

16. Tool name used to produce the machine processable artifacts in the IG

17. The name of the “IG artifact” within the context of the above mentioned tool.

18. Balloted Name of the standard for which request is being made

HL7 Health Services Platform (HSP) Marketplace, Release 2 STU 1

19. Requested name for published standard

Health Services Platform (HSP) Marketplace, Release

20. If CMET, list IDs balloted

21. Project Insight Number


22. Document Realm


23. Ballot cycle in which the document was successfully balloted


25. Affirmative


26. Negative


27. Abstentions


28. Not Returned


29. Total in ballot pool


30. Date on which final document/standards material was supplied to HQ

31. URL of publication material/ SVN repository

32. Publishing Facilitator

Vince McCauley

33. Special Publication Instructions

34. URL of ballot reconciliation document


35. Has the Work Group posted its consideration of all comments received in its reconciliation document on the ballot desktop?


36. Substantive Changes Since Last Ballot?


37. Product Brief Reviewed By


38. Date Product Brief Reviewed

May 12, 2023

39. Has the Product Brief changed?

40. Family


41. Section

Clinical and Administrative Domains

42. Topic

43. Please Describe the Topic

Service Functional Model For A Healthcare Services Platform

44. Product Type

Functional Model

45. Parent standard

46. Parent Standard Status

47. Update/replace standard

48. Common name/search keyword

Marketplace Services

49. Description

The Health Services Platform (HL7HSP) Marketplace addresses the problem of exchanging backend service implementations in a vendor-neutral manner, which is necessary to exchange executable artifacts interoperably to plug-n-play across SOAs. In broad strokes, it is the server-side equivalent of SMART-on-FHIR (SoF), as SoF only concerns client-side app integration and also does not address client-side deployment requirements of web applications, not uncommon in health IT (HIT) enterprise. The design principles are inspired by the business processes that made other computing ecosystems, such as the (all proprietary) Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores successful.

50. Stakeholders

Clinical and Public Health Laboratories, Quality Reporting Agencies, Regulatory Agency, Payors

51. Vendors

Pharmaceutical, EHR, PHR, Equipment, Health Care IT, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Lab, HIS

52. Providers

Clinical and Public Health Laboratories Emergency Services Local and State Departments of Health Medical Imaging Service Healthcare Institutions (hospitals, long term care, home care, mental health)

53. Benefits

HIT orgs to search for new services across *all* participating vendors, and deploy them in a 100% automated fashion into on-prem, cloud, and/or hybrid infrastructure, using 1 or more Marketplace instances in any public/private combination.
Developers to directly submit new (and update existing) service builds.
Marketplace operators to curate, review, and publish vendor submissions.
Compliance validators to automate certification activities.

54. Implementations/Case Studies

55. Development Background