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Date 04/Feb/2020

Q1 - Model Based Trasformation Sarvice (MBTS) ballot reconciliation

First review of the ballot comments for the Model Based Trasformation Sarvice (MBTS).

Discussion about relevant comments. The discussion will continue tomorrow (Q2).

Q2 - Joint meeting new Cross-Group Products WG

Presentation of HSSP (OMG-HL7 program): artifacts, process, roles. Discussion about HSSP with FHIR and other effort as Marketplace.

Discussion with HL7 Cross-Group Products about how different organizations work together (e.g. ISO). The BPM+ case.

Q3 - Future work

Presentation on the future work program for SOA and the Health Services Specification Project (HSSP).

Q4 - "Round Robin" Project Updates

Status of the Projects:

  • Clinical Decision Support on FHIR
  • CDS Hooks
  • HL7 Model-based Transformation Service Project
  • Ordering Service
  • HL7 Health Service Reference Architecture (HL7-HSRA)
  • HL7 Service Healthcare Marketplace

Date: 5/Feb/2020

Q1 - Health Services Reference Architecture (HSRA)

Presentation (below) of current state of HSRA focussing on service catalogue for ballot May 2020

HSRA modelled using OMG Unified Architecture Framework (UAF). see 

Proposed name change to Healthcare Interoperability Reference Architecture (HIRA)

Reviewed relationship between draft VA Reference Architecure and HIRA draft

Plan to clarify functional groupings of service e.g. Semantic transformation (MBTS, TS), Infrastructure (Identity, Provider Directory etc, CDS), Care provision.

Q2 - Model Based Trasformation Sarvice (MBTS) ballot reconciliation (part 2)

MBTS - Ballot comment resolution

Comments as prepared by Ken Lord discussed.  MInor revisions agreed.

Motion: Accept all comment resolutions on the MBTS project with agreed updates. Proposed: Sean Muir Seconder Stefano Lotti Vote: 4/0/0

Motion: Change name of HL7 Service Reference Architecture to HL7 Healthcare Interoperability Reference Architecture  Proposed: SL Second: PL Vote: 4/0/0

Q3 - Cancelled

Q4 - Joint with FHIR-I

Explored relationaship between FHIR work in the areas of Care Coordination, PUB/SUB and Ordering and the related services.

Suggestions - inform FMG and TSC of relvevant SOA published standards. Ask Lorraine to engage with FHIR Workflow, Engage with Bryn re workflow and BPM+

Further meeting to be hosted next WGM

Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."