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Refer to Individual Ballot Identification Within Ballot Package for inclusion here before adding to the GOM

Should be elevated to the GOM when complete



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Mixed ballot precept:

  • This precept supports HL7 ballots where content within the balloted specification is to be assessed at different ballot levels, including normative, STU, informative and comment (draft). Under ANSI requirements, a change in scope for a normative ballot is a substantive change; therefore, all artifacts within a normative ballot pass and fail together.
  • Ballot materials and the included elements must be clearly identified as to whether they are the subject of review by a specific ballot pool, and if so, the ballot level of each.
  • One or more ballot pools may be established for each ballot level as needed. Each of the ballot pools may refer to common material under ballot. The ballot level must be clearly indicated on each element of the specification.
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