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  • HTA, in its role of governing the processes associated with external terminology sources used at HL7, shall document the requirements of HL7 in using their terminologies.
    • One of the requirements identified is the currency of those terminologies in the publication of standards

  • HTA needs to document and make available the requirements of the external terminologies to the extent by which those requirements impact the creation and maintenance of standards.

  • One role of the Vocabulary WG is to define how the HL7 standards development and publication processes may be defined to comply with external vocabulary requirements.

    • It is the role of product family and other methodology groups to determine specifically how their processes and procedures fulfill the external vocabulary requirements.
    • In creating these processes and procedures, they shall meet the following requirements:
      • The requirements that HTA has identified;
      • The identified methodological approaches identified by the Vocabulary WG and the product family methodology to fulfill those requirements.
    • Work Groups shall consider external vocabulary currency requirements when creating or maintaining standards.
    • Prior to ballot or community review, when an artifact contains static terminology, examples using codes from static terminology, or value set expansions, the WG shall consider the vocabulary currency restrictions to determine whether terminology content must be updated and the revised artifact balloted.
    • Management groups shall establish quality criteria to support the set of requirements outlined above.

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  1. I was looking for information with requirements for referencing external terminologies in a FHIR artifact, and suggest adding a link to the Terminology Authority/External Terminologies page from this page for convenience.