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FHIR Connectathon

Health IT Privacy and Security Resources for Providers

Consent on FHIR

Security WG members collaborating on ONC Patient Choice Project Mike Davis, Duane Decouteau, Mohammad Jafari, and Tony Mallia participated in the ONC Patient Choice Basic Consent Pilots at the HL7 Connectathon. Presentations, demonstration, and other material available on this page.

HIMSS 2017 Patient Choice

Featuring FHIR Consent and Consent2Share with UMA and Smart on FHIR Authorization Servers, ONC Patient Choice pilots VA and MiHIN join SAMHSA to demonstrate how emerging technologies can protect sensitive patient health information in implementer friendly ways. See this page for HIMSS collateral, vignette, and demonstration links.

FHIR Permission

Use-case analysis for the purposes of developing the Permission resource

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