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Chair:  John Moehrke

Scribe: John Moehrke  

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Minutes Approved as Presented 2019-04-02 FHIR Security Meeting Agenda

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Management Minutes Approval

NIST Big DataMark Underwood - co-chair of Security and Privacy of NIST Big Data Project

FHIR Security CR

block vote

Line Items

17299 enhance+current+disclosure+AuditEvent+so+that+it+explains+what+is+being+recorded+and+why (John Moehrke) 
18088 AuditEvent+should+have+a+severity+element+to+support+many+levels+of+events (John Moehrke) Persuasive
20888 AuditEvent.entity.description+is+redundant+and+mistakenly+assumed+to+be+from+dicom (John Moehrke) Persuasive
21646 Need+Provenance.activity+query+parameter (John Moehrke) Persuasive
22104 Provenance.activity+needs+ISO+21089+vocabulary (John Moehrke) Persuasive
9167 AuditEvent+needs+to+make+more+obvious+how+to+record+a+break-glass+event (John Moehrke) Persuasive with Mod
20531 Provenance+Location+and+Agent+clarity (Hans Buitendijk) Persuasive with Mod
20623 Provenance+should+point+at+IHE+QEDm+Provenance+Profile+as+examplar (John Moehrke) Persuasive with Mod

Motion Luis Maas/Kathleen Connor: 9-0-0

GF#20414 Luis Maashas provided text

updated text and approvedLuis Maas/Kathleen Connor: 9-0-0

GF#14678 non-persuasive - Brian Pech

Security WG has not been approached by anyone with implementation experience to use to drive for the creation of guidance on Signature. We continue to want this, but need community engagement.  This CR does not give us any specific improvement recommendation.

discussed. could be brought forward as a PSS driven IGKathleen Connor / Suzanne Gonzales-Webb: 9-0-0

GF#18874 discuss and make a plan - John Moehrke

Describe use of Provenance as De-Identification linking for Re-Identification

GF#20631 needs discussion - John Moehrke

Security evaluation of special Update handling of security tags

GF#17192 needs discussion - 

Is it appropriate for an Provenance.action to be added to record Verification of target veracity? There appears to be no code available to use for this today. Also there is the FMM 0 resource VerificaitonResult.

discussed. Need more committee time. Need John Davis
FMMDefined plan to mature

Connectathon Update on Security at FHIR connectathon

Management Next agenda

 Adjourned at 55 minutes

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 2019-04-02 FHIR Security Meeting Agenda