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Chair:  @

Scribe: @Kathleen Connor, Suzanne Webb

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 






John Moehrke , Co-Chair


Alexander Mense , Co-Chair

Technikum Wien

Kathleen Connor , Co-Chair

VA (Book Zurman)

@Trish Williams, Co-ChairFlinders University
x@Christopher Shawn, Co-ChairVA

@Mike DavisVA

@David Staggs

xVA (Electrosoft)

Johnathan ColemanSRS

@Francisco JaureguiVA (Electrosoft)

@Joe LamyAegis
xTheresa Årdal Connor

@Greg LindenSRS

Grahame GrieveHL7 Australia

@Dave SilverVA (Electrosoft)
xBeth PumoKaiser

@Jim KretzSAMHSA

@Peter Bachman
x@Peter VanLiesdonkPhillips
xSuzanne Gonzales-WebbVA (Book Zurman)

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Management Minutes Approval:,_2018_Security_Conference_CallApproved by consensus

V3_PSAF_VOL3_PROV_R1_I1_2019JAN Ballot Tally - 1 negative, 3 affirmative comment spreadsheets. 39-1-46

No additional questions, comments

Negative Comment:  While this has much in common with the pilot programs run by the Innovations center, this does not align with discussions that have been taking place in workgroups such as joint sessions between Patient Care and Structured Doc.

Andrew J Statler/Cerner


REAFF_HL7_PRIVSECCLASSSYS_R1_N1_2019JAN - Zero comments. 48-0-38


 REAFF_V3_PASS_SLS_R1_N1_2019JAN - Zero comments. 39-0-34


 REAFF_V3_SECPRONT_R1_N1_2019JAN - Zero comments. 39-0-34

Topic TF4FA Volume 1 & 2 Publication Request 

 Reviewed with teleconference attendees


 Motion made to approve once volumes have been cleaned up


Abstain: none

Opposed: none



 HL7 Response Letter NIST Privacy Framework 01.09.19

Comments submitted, nicely pulled together by Tisha. Making sure our comments have been shaped in the proposed format. Comments from Jamie Ferguson, xx and xx. Emphasis from 'our' comments were on GDPR. EU Privacy framework also stressed.

They are looking at the comments, comments will influence the NIS Privacy Framework .

Copy will be made available after approval

TopicUpdated PSAF Project Scope Statement - Submission deadline for May is 2/1.  Ideally we should present the PSS to the InfraSD on Monday night.

Reviewed. No comments.


2010-01 January Security WGM Agenda/Attendance/Minutes

g Isaac can present Wednesday Q1; can do a deep dive FHIRCase (Thursday Q1),

No additional items added at this time,

Management Next call will be on the second Tuesday after the WGM 1/29.

 Adjourned at 1:26 Arizona Time

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