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19 Sep 2019

Quarter: Q1/Q2/Q3

Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

SEC hosting CBCP & FHIR-IChaired by Trish Williams

FHIR Consent Considerations

Dave Pyke & Kathleen Connor

FHIR Consent Module

FHIR Individual Right of Access profile on Consent

Kathleen Conner

Care Plan Report Out

Kathleen opened discussion with CARIN Alliance report out. 

  • Suggested there was a need to include patient friendly language for this work.
  • Josh suggested that this work may be included in other projects (such as Apple). Is there user research that went into the this that is available. There is a need to 1. include process of content and then 2. how to we make this computable and transform into FHIR resources?  In the VA patient choice project it attempts this.
  • We need to show how this would work as a FHIR consent profile.
  • CARIN questionnaire work in progress: 

Dave Pyke
  1. Consent GF#22688
  • Josh - Clarification requested on what are failure modes are.  If it needs human review then its a failure  i.e. if you cannot understand the policy rule. Amend wording to reflect this. Clarification on Provision Context  - this includes purpose,class = the data context you are looking for and constraints. This needs additional text.
  • Grahame - What to do if more than one consent? Policy decision drives this. Is this the most recent? For instance if you consent for treatment and then consent separately for research you have more than one consent. This is driven by the policy also.
  • Hide - pointed ISO TS 17975 (Figure 2) defines requirements for this that could be considered to and checked that the machine readable rule meets requirements. When creating source documentation this shoudl be pointed to.Hide to send Dave Pyke details on how to be involved in revision and using the document.

Motion to adopt text as amended. Motion: Dave Pyke. Seconded Kathleen

VOTE:  18-1-4, Motion Approved.

2. Consent GF#23706

Motion to adopt solution as stated. Motion: Dave Pyke. Seconded Beth Pumo

VOTE:  21-0-2, Motion Approved.

3. Consent GF#23719

Suggest to remove advanced directive from Consent resource. Beth expressed concern on where to place this. Friendly amendment to original motion by Grahame confirmed that a note should be placed in the specification for more work on where to place advanced directives and perhaps should be in Contracts

Motion to remove advanced consent. Motion: Dave Pkye. Seconded Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

VOTE: 18-0-2, Motion Approved.

4. Consent GF#22151

Care team not the same as HealthCareService. Discussion on use cases of HeatlhCareService resource and if the inclusion of Care Team  - add this with a note that some services may not be appropriate based on the type of service. VA

Suggest Consent track at Sydney WGM Connectathon.

Motion to remove advanced consent. Motion: Grahame Grieve. Seconded Kathleen Conner

VOTE: 18-0-2, Motion Approved.

PSAF Vol3 Provenance Ballot Outcome - Mike Davis/Kathleen

Comment resolution:

  • Overview of the negative comments (Kathleen)
    • The comments generally were editorial, specification of the problem the standard solves and how it relates to the other standards (e.g. FHIR). Query on use of storyboard using DaVinci example is not appropriate to this level as a DAM . This should be a generic example not a specific example. 

Chaired by Trish Williams

Security WG Housekeeping

Review Project Management, WG Health,  Governance, and post-WGM Tasks

Project Management

  • NIB for PSAF Provenance - Kathleen to create which will be for a normative ballot, with a list of changes.
  • Sharing with Protections - Mike to complete the project scope statement. This is to cover the white paper only. Then WG to vote, steering division and TSC approval will be sought. Then a NIB for Jan ballot. 
  • FHIR DS4P - defer to weekly calls for discussion on scope. Project scope statement has gone to TSC after approval at weekly calls. On weekly calls need to get directions from FHIR facilitators on steps we need to complete to move this forward.
  • Publish S&P DAM. Update on publication S&P DAM from Alex (on previous day). Submitted for publication in Jan. Request to update cover page with editing is required  but only a PDF copy is available, hence the delay. Kathleen to check with Lynn about making the change and status of publishing as significant time has closed.

WG Health

  • Infrastructure Steering Division WG Health Report - Kathleen cleaned up the interim report for this meeting. SEC awarded gold star!
  • Alex to set up room bookings for Sydney Feb 2020
  • Kathleen to set up weekly calls


M&C and SWOT were updated in May


All items for housekeeping completed in Q2.

Action items