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Jan 16, 2019


CDA R2.1 Update.pptx

  • Clinical Notes/US Core - Brett (requested)
    • Brett

      #19943 Comment from Keith

      Motion to approve the disposition from Daniel, and second Keith

      Abstain: 1 Against: 0 For: 13 Motion passes

      #19942  Comment from Keith

      Keith requested to that these remain independent.  Change from merge to unmerge. 

      Motion to approve the disposition  Daniel, and second Keith

Abstain: 4 Against: 0 For: 15  Motion passes 

#19941 - Comment from Keith. Problem Value Set contains greater than 2000 concepts. 

Technical issue with the expansion. Will be corrected to reflect actual #s.  Danielle made motion to accept. Keith seconded

For 18- Abstain 0 Against 0

#19926 - Comment from Keith. Country Value set.  Will update to must support 0..1 cardinality. Persuasive. 

Danielle made motion to accept. Keith seconded

For: 17-  Against 0 Abstain 2

#19924 - Challenges with name cardinality. B/c some people only have one name. Solution (invariant) - must support both.  Given to 0..1, Family 0..1 (must support, given 0..* (Must support) add invariant that at least one is always present.

Danielle made motion to accept. Keith seconded.

For: 18-  Against 0 Abstain 0

#19927 - Add text that NPI or CLIA identifier as preferred schema for an organization. CLIA may not yet have a URL. Keith will create tracker item to request a CLIA url. Persuasive

Danielle made motion to accept. Keith seconded.

For: 19-  Against 0 Abstain 0

#19928 - Comment: Address line must have maximum cardinality of 3. CDA is 0..4. Motion made to make cardinality 0..4. (add comment up to and including 4 lines). The system must be capable to support 4 lines

Motion: Update to 0..4 in alliance with C-CDA. Made by Keith/seconded by George. Question from negative voters: How will systems that support more lines beconfromant if there are 4 lines added.

For: 14-  Against 3 Abstain 2

  • CDA 2.1 Status (Calvin)
    • See slides:
    • Link to "pretend" ballot site:
    • Package of R-MIM file and spec - Review is being asked over the next 30 days to review for technical accuracy and making sure there has been no loss of anything in the pre-final publication.
  • Discuss Substantive Change Definitions for our Documents (SGB request)


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